James At 15
September 5, 1977  - July 27, 1978

James at 15 was a series way ahead of its time.  This NBC drama starred Lance Kerwin as a high school student who moved from Oregon to Boston where his father accepted a new job as a college professor.

At first James had a hard time adjusting but soon made friends with a hip black guy named "Sly" and a plain but very intelligent female named "Marlene".

Stories revolved around high school activities and some social situations.

In one episode the boys basketball team is challenged by the girls team and the girls beat the guys.  In another episode James older sister moves in with her teacher at college and in the second season James gets a girl pregnant.

Kim Richards who played Prudence on Nanny & The Professor played the younger sister of James.

James at 15 was one of the best dramas to ever hit television in the 70's, the public just wasn't ready for such an honest series.

In season 2 the series title was changed to James at 16.


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Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Lance Kerwin
Linden Chiles
Lynn Carlin
Kim Richards
Diedre Bethrong
David Hubbard
Susan Myers
Jack Knight

1.   Mrs. Carson
2.   Girl With The Bad Rep
3.   The Gift
4.   Knocking Heads
5.   The Apple Tree, The Singing & The Gold
6.   Rebel Without A Car
7.   Kathy's In The Shower
8.   Unrequitted Love...Twice
9.   Champions
10. Friends

Vic Tayback
Terri Nunn
Wolfman Jack
Kathie Lee Gifford
Debra Winger
Rosanna Arquette
Michelle Tobin
Richard Stahl
Elaine Joyce


James At 15 - Kathy's In The Shower

James At 15 - Queen Of The Silver Dollar




Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Pilot Movie  9/5/77

Friends  10/27/77

Girl With The Bad Reputation   11/3/77

Kathy's In The Shower  

Higher Ground   11/24/77

The Apple Tree, The Singing & The Gold   12/15/77

Fast & Loose  12/22/77

Mrs. Carson   12/29/77

Unrequited Love...Twice   1/5/78

Actions Speak Louder  1/19/78

Star Crossed Lovers   1/26/78

The Gift   2/9/78

The Blowout  2/16/78

Listless Fever   2/23/78

Champions   3/2/78

An Hour Before Midnight  3/9/78

Knocking Heads   6/1/78

Rebel Without A Car   6/8/78

Hunter Country   6/15/78

Ducks   6/22/78

Queen Of The Silver Dollar   6/29/78



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