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Jimmy Durante Presents The Lennon Sisters
September 26, 1969 - April 4, 1970


Episodes Known To Be In Existence

G.S. Noel Harrison/Jack Benny/Jimmy Dean   9/26/69

G.S. O.C. Smith/Joey Bishop/Roy Rogers & Dale Evans   10/9/69

G.S. Martha Raye/Bobby Goldsboro/Buddy Ebsen    10/17/69

G.S. Danny Thomas/Jimmie Rodgers   10/31/69

G.S. Kate Smith/Louis  Nye    11/21/69

G.S. Corbett Monica/Merle Haggard   11/28/69

G.S. Milton Berle/JoAnn Castle   12/5/69

G.S. Al Martino/Raymond Burr    12/26/69

G.S. Ed Ames/Ferrante & Teicher   1/16/70

G.S. Walter Brennen/Dinah Shore    2/21/70

G.S. Tony Randall/Wayne Newton   2/28/70

G.S. Jack Jones    3/14/70

G.S. Desi Arnez/Bobby Goldsboro   3/21/70

G.S. Perry Como/John Hartford   3/28/70

G.S. Rich Little/Jimmy Dean    4/4/70

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