Judd For The Defense
Sept. 8, 1967 - Sept. 19, 1969


About a year after the Donna Reed Show went off the air actor Carl Betz was cast in this late 60's hard hitting law drama.

Betz played attorney Clinton Judd who was a high priced criminal attorney who was based out of Houston Texas.  This series was very modern for the times & Clinton Judd was similar to real life attorney F. Lee Bailey.

Judd would travel just about anywhere to defend a client of his. 

Many of the cases involved topics such as labor union problems, draft evasion, civil rights murders, & cases involving minors.

There were countless guest stars in this series, some were not yet household names but the series allowed them to show their talents.

Carl Betz won an Emmy for his role as Clinton Judd in this series Judd For The Defense

Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Carl Betz
Stephen Young

1.   Worst Of Both Worlds
2.   Square House
3.   View From The Ivory Tower
4.   Fall Of The Skylark
5.   You Remember Joe Maddox
6.   Holy Ground Pt. 1&2
7.   Kingdom Of The Blind
8.   Everyone Loved Harlan But His Wife
9.   Weep The Hunter Home
10. Other Face Of The Law

Beverly Garland
Leslie Nielsen
Edward Asner
Brooke Bundy
Harold Gould
Claude Akins
Tim O'Connor
Robert Duvall
Malcolm Atterbury
Tyne Daly


Episodes Known To Be In Existence


Tempest In A Texas Town  9/18/67

Deep End  9/15/67

Other Face Of The Law   9/22/67

A Civil Case Of Murder   9/29/67

Shadow Of A Killer  10/6/68

The Conspiracy  10/13/67

Confessional   10/20/67

Death From A Flower Girl  10/27/67

Commitment   11/3/67

Citizen Ritter  11/10/67

Money Farm  11/17/67

To Kill A Madman   11/24/67

To Love And Stand Mute  12/1/67

Living Victim  12/8/67

Firebrand  12/15/67

Everyone Loved Harlan But His Wife   1/15/68

Fall Of The Skylark  The Trial   1/5/68

Fall Of A Skylark - The Appeal   1/12/68

No Law Against Murder   1/19/68

Grand Old Man  1/26/68

What You Can Do With Money   2/9/68

Kingdom Of The Blind  2/16/68

Devil's Surrogate   2/23/68

Square House   3/1/68

Worst Of Both Worlds   3/8/68

You Remember Joe Maddox   3/15/68

In A Puff Of Smoke  9/20/68

Transplant   9/27/68

Ends Of Justice  10/4/68

Punishments Cruel & Unusual    10/11/68

Name Of The Game Is Aquittal  10/18/68

Sound Of The Plastic Axe  10/25/68

Death Farm   11/1/68

Weep The Hunter Home  11/8/68

My Client The Fool  11/22/68

A Swim With The Sharks  12/13/68

Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live  12/13/68

Crystal Maze  12/27/68

Borderline Girl  1/3/69

Epitath On A computer Card  1/10/69

Poison Tree  1/17/69

Law & Order Blues  1/24/69

Between The Dark & The Daylight   1/31/69

Runaway   2/7/69

Visitation  2/14/69

Holy Ground Pt. 1   2/21/69

Holy Ground Pt. 2   2/28/69

An Elephant In A Cigar Box   3/7/69

View From The Ivory Tower   3/14/69





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