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Western (1965-1967)

Reese Bennett -- Neville Brand
Chad Cooper -- Peter Brown
Joe Riley -- William Smith
Capt. Edward Parmalee -- Phillip Carey

Erik Hunter (1966-1967) -- Robert Wolders

Stories of the Texas Rangers in the post-Civil War era were told with satirically as well as with action in this series, which was centered around three members of Company B and their senior officer, Capt. Parmalee. Former Union Army officer Reese Bennett was already in his 40's when he joined the Rangers, and his age was quite a source of amusement to the two much younger rangers who were his partners. Riley had been a gunfighter whose activities were not always completely legal, and he had joined the Rangers because he liked action but wanted sanctuary from lawmen in other territories who were after him. Cooper, a Boston native and wartime member of the Border Patrol, joined the Rangers after the war to continue his hunt for the American gunrunners who had sold arms to the Mexicans who had wiped out most of his comrades. All three retained a sense of humor about life. But it was Parmalee who sometimes found the jocularity a bit frustrating at times.

Episodes Known To Be In Existence
(listed in alphabetical order -- no further episode info is currently available):

Air Date: 10-28-66
Writer: John McGreevey
Director: John English
Guests: Melodie Johnson, Michael Evans, Tiger Joe Marsh
Synopsis: The four Rangers are assigned to track down some elusive bank robbers who have hit three towns. When Erik checks the security of the bank in Panacea, the banker assures him they don't need Rangers to make their bank safe. However, a check of the vault shows the robbers have entered through the ceiling and made off with the vault's contents. Erik becomes suspicious of a circus which is touring the area and joins it as a magician, romancing the comely female tiger tamer as part of his cover. Tolliver, the owner of the circus, has been using his balloon and the talents of his circus performers to rob banks. He cases the banks by posing in disguise as a wealthy depositor, who must assure himself that his large sum of cash (the proceeds of the previous robberies) will be safe. He is suspicious of Erik, but believes they would be better off to have him where they can watch him. Chad, Joe and Reese inspect the site of the fifth robbery, the Bank of Euphoria. Joe finds what look like moccasin tracks below the hole in the roof through which the robbers entered. When they find out a circus was in town, they decide to check it out. When Chad, Joe and Reese find Erik in Eve's wagon, they drag him off on the pretense he's under suspicion as the bank robber. He advises them that the owner of the circus is pulling off the robberies by taking the circus in the direction the wind blows in order to use his balloon to take the money away. He gives Chad a map showing wind direction. While Reese and Joe search the rest of the wagons, Chad assigns himself to do a thorough job of searching Eve's wagon. Eve decides their best bet is to wrap Chad around her little finger, an easy task. She steals the map, which causes her cohort to change his intended target. While Joe and Reese guard the bank in Fan Tan, the Euchre bank is robbed. While Erik is camped out waiting for the balloon to land, his bedroll is shot up in an attempt on his life. Believing Erik has been killed, Eve has second thoughts about their misdeeds. Tolliver decides to take one last bank, the one in Dry Creek. The banker opens the vault at gunpoint while the circus strongman separates the bars on the window so the acrobats can hand in suitcases for the loot. However, Erik is waiting in the vault, gun drawn. Joe is waiting outside to throw a knife in the back of the man at the window with the gun. During the gunplay that ensues, Eve comes to Erik's rescue. Joe takes the remaining robbers to jail. Chad and Reese wait at the spot where Erik told them the balloon would come down. The only thing that comes down is a note wrapped around a rock from Erik telling them to head back to Laredo where he will join them eventually. And love from Eve. Once again, Erik has bested Chad in their competition for the fairer sex and ended the episode in the arms of a villainess.

Air Date: 2-3-67
Writer: John T. Dugan
Director: Charles Rondeau
Guests: Henry Silva, Philip Ahn, Larry Montaigne, Irene Tsu
Synopsis: This episode replays a familiar male (or male TV writer) fantasy — the inadvertently acquired female slave. Virtually every TV western had a variation on this theme with the hero either acquiring a girl while gambling or saving the life of a girl whose culture dictates that she now belongs to him. See for example: Wagon Train “The John Augustus Story” (10-17-62) [Augustus wins Chinese girl in poker game]; Laramie “The Perfect Gift” (1-2-62) [Slim saves life of Indian girl who by tradition now belongs to him); Bonanza “Day of the Dragon” (12-3-61) [Little Joe wins Chinese girl in poker game thinking he's playing for horse]; Cheyenne “Pocketful of Stars” (11-12-62) [Cheyenne wins Chinese girl in lottery thinking he's playing for pearl] Someone with an obscure sense of humor named this episode after the 1933 Barbara Stanwyck movie, “The Bitter Tea of General Yen”. Joe saves the life of Jem Sing, a missionary-raised Chinese girl abducted from China by the notorious General Shen Ti who is building an empire in Mexico. She and a large cache of opium have been stolen from Ti by an enemy. She is caught in the cross-fire. Jem Sing begs not to be sent back to Ti, who will force her into marriage. Addressing Joe as “Sterling One”, she insists she is now his slave. Of course, her fetching, carrying, cleaning, cooking and groveling for Joe, gives Chad & Erik.a great source of amusement. However, when Joe & Jem Sing are seized by General Ti, Chad & Erik are galvanized into action. [No Reese in this episode.] Replacing two syndicate chiefs invited to discuss the drug trade, Chad & Erik infiltrate Ti’s settlement. They’re exposed and imprisoned to be executed with Joe after Ti marries Jem Sing. Luckily the Chinese executioner wears a black grim reaper hood & robe capable of disguising Joe. In the course of overcoming the Chinese gang, Jem Sing saves Joe's life, releasing her from her obligation to him. When the Rangers go back to Laredo, Jem Sing stays to help all the people her deceased husband has exploited.

Air Date: 10-7-66
Writers: William Raynor and Myles Wyder
Director: R. G. Springsteen
Guests: Barbara Luna, Arnold Moss, John Hoyt
Synopsis: The Rangers are charged with safekeeping Mexican rebel Juan Morales while he's in Laredo to buy guns in support of Juarez' war against Emperor Maxmillian. However, while Reese is busy with a street brawl, Joe with an arm wrestling competition and Erik with his tailor, Chad is overcome by the LeBec gang. Morales is taken across the border to a French prison for execution. The Ranger are sent to rescue him. Erik makes contact with a Juarez sympathizer in a cantina who turns out to be an old girl friend. She is kind enough to offer him a bath while the others wait in the sun outside. Just after the others interrupt the festivities, the French captain comes in looking for them. The four hide behind a screen while Carmella undresses in order to fool and distract the officer. Three Rangers sneak into the barracks and put blanks in the rifles of the firing squad. Erik puts blanks in the pistol that the captain will use for the coup de grace - the final shot to the head. However, Erik is fired upon while leaving, meaning the pistol will be loaded with live ammunition for the firing squad. The Rangers then steal uniforms from three of Maxmillian's soldiers. Erik poses as a major sent by Maxmillian to report on the execution while Chad and Joe play soldier. Reese is forced to disguise himself as Morales’ wife in order to let him know of the plan. The plan goes smoothly until LeBec shows up and recognizes the Rangers, forcing a blazing shoot-out and escape, aided by the local Juarez supporters.

Air Date: 9-23-66
Writer: Fred Freiberger
Director: Jerry Hopper
Guests: Abraham Sofaer, Myron Healey
Synopsis: Former army weapons specialist John Garth is selling his services to Indian Chief Tohpay whose lands on both sides of the border have been stolen by the white man. Garth trains the Indians in the use of modern weapons. His plan is to have the Indians wipe out the settlers and soldiers so he can take over. He has also been promised Tohpay's beautiful, but unwilling, daughter Lohray. Under Garth's and Topay's leadership the Indians overrun a fort, capturing Winchester rifles and Gattling guns. Riding into the end of the fight, the Captain tells Chad and Reese to ride back to Laredo to collect Joe and Erik and go after Tohpay. A sergeant warns the Captain that Tohpay has an entire army; sending four men to go after him is suicide. The odds are a million to one. The Captain responds in true Ranger fashion: "That's the best odds they've had all month. Maybe I should just send three." Back in Laredo, Reese and Chad find Joe winning bar bets with knife throwing stunts and Erik romancing Chad's girl. Chad takes care of Erik by alerting Anita's protective brothers to Erik's amourous presence. Chad, Joe & Reese make bets on which exit Erik will use to escape. After getting back to business, the Rangers ride into a town with armed Indians on the roofs and a corrupt sheriff. The Rangers prevail in a fight and shoot-out but the sheriff releases Garth after the Rangers arrest him. Erik and Joe track one of Tohpay's braves back to the encampment. They find the sacred cave where Tohpay has rigged a bellows system to a statute to convince his braves he's being directed by the gods. Unfortunately they're captured before thay can use the information. Erik and Joe convince Indian princess Lohray to get word to Chad and Reese. At Joe's suggestion she rips a piece off of Erik's tailor-made shirt so Chad will know she's a friend. She finds Chad & Reese, but while they're arguing over which one of them will go for help and which will rescue Joe & Erik, they're captured by the Indians. However, with a little help from Joe, Chad and Reese overcome their guards and set the others free. They capture the Gattling gun, but when they run out of ammunition, it's back to the cave. Luckily Erik has time to switch the bellows gadget around so that it appears Tohpay has lost the ears of the gods.

Air Date: 3-31-66
Guests: Jack Kelly, Gina Gillespie

Air Date: 11-4-65
Writers: Gene L. and Bloise N. Coon
Director: Earl Bellamy
Guests: Jeanette Nolan, Jim Davis, Arthur Hunnicutt, Tom Reese
Synopsis: Captain Parmalee assigns Reese to bring a special shipment back to Laredo. In the saloon, Reese brags about the importance of his assignment, leading listeners, including one of the Baker gang, to think he’s bringing a gold shipment. On his way to Laredo with the locked strongbox, Reese has encounters with the Baker gang, a crooked sheriff & his deputies, Ma Burns & her daughter and an old-timer. He thwarts them all. In the end, they join forces and surround Reese in a shoot-out. Chad & Joe, sent to find why Reese is overdue, hear the gunshots and ride to the rescue, although Reese is holding his own pretty well. Unfortunately, bullets have penetrated the strongbox, shattering the contents, 36 bottles of fine Tennessee sippin’ whiskey for the Captain’s private store. Only one bottle remains which Reese manages to break while handing it to the Captain.

Air Date: 12-23-65
Writer: Calvin Clements
Director: Paul Stanley
Guests: Lonny Chapman, Theo Marcuse, Doodles Weaver, Marguerita Cordova
Synopsis: Captain Parmalee places the fiesta town of San Gill off-limits to the Rangers, much to the dismay of Chad & Joe whose lady friends are headed that way. The Captain leaves them in charge of the office, not telling them he’s headed to San Gill to give a speech. When Reese returns from an assignment, Chad lets him win a coin toss for the honor of being acting captain. Chad then alters a telegram to say that an escapee is headed for Mexico and tricks Reese into assigning them to track him down. Once in San Gill, Chad & Joe’s fun is disrupted when they spot the Captain and spend the last of their money on masks and serapes. Reese finds out about their duplicity and tracks them to San Gill. Some assassins planning to kill Mexican officials believe the Rangers are there to guard the officials. The Rangers end up in a locked room with a store of fireworks which they use to alert the Captain to the presence of a gattling gun. They then race back to Laredo hoping the Captain doesn’t figure out they disobeyed instructions. When the Captain returns, he assigns them to track down the proper recipients of three medals and three gun belts believed to belong to the heroes who prevented the assassination. He also assigns them to stable duty while he goes on a picnic with their lady friends.

Air Date: 2-24-67
Director: William Witney
Guests: Marilyn Erskine, Jaccques Aubuchon, Claude Akins, Carl Ballentine, Michael Forest, Michael Keep
Synopsis: This was the third of Claude Akins five appearances on Laredo as Ranger Cotton Buckmeister. In this one, printer Lemuel Beamish arrives in a town about a days ride outside Laredo. He is being stalked by three villains who want the carpet bag he's carrying. Lemuel finds Cotton, Erik and Joe in a bar. When he discovers they're Texas Rangers, he gets them into a poker game in order to keep them up all night as unknowing protectors. He purposely loses $500 to Cotton. Lemuel decides to ride with them to Laredo. When Lemuel's lack of horsemanship slows them up, Erik and Joe decide to leave him behind with Cotton. Cotton and Lemuel spend the night in an old fort. While Cotton is tending to the horses, the three villains sneak in and kill Lemuel. Cotton interrupts them before they can get the bag. With his dying words, Lemuel asks Cotton to give his niece Milly the bag when she gets to Laredo. Then he recites some lines from some nursery rhymes for Cotton to tell Milly. Back in the Laredo saloon, Cotton mourns the late Lemuel while Joe and Erik mourn the money they lost to Cotton in the previous night's poker game. When Cotton heads back to the barracks, he's dragged into the alley by the three knaves. Joe comes to his rescue in time to once again save the carpet bag. The boys figure there must be something in the bag, but they didn't expect $25,000. The boys persuade Cotton they should stay up all night to guard the money until the bank opens in the morning. The three of them win most of Cotton's $500. The boys decide to splurge with their newfound wealth. Joe buys a horse. Erik gets a new suit. Chad buys a new rifle. But when they catch sight of Milly, they figure Cotton got the best of the whole deal. When Milly arrives in Laredo, Cotton gives her the money, but she seems more interested in Lemuel's last words. While Chad stands guard outside the hotel door, Milly frantically tears apart the bag, looking for something she does not find. After she leaves, the three bad guys also check the bag and find nothing. She then convinces Cotton to take her to the fort where her uncle was killed. While Cotton and Milly are on their way to the fort, the rest of the merry band are having their new goodies repossessed. Chad, rifleless, and Joe toting his saddle find Erik standing in the Ranger office in his underwear. Although Chad and Joe find this sight to have a cheering effect, they are not happy that all the money they won from Cotton was counterfeit. They decide that if Lemuel was a counterfeiter, Milly might be up to no good. So they follow Cotton to the fort. The three villains knock Cotton out. While they are digging up Lemuel's grave to find the counterfeit plates, Milly tries to get Cotton to remember the nursery rhymes he heard from Lemuel. While the other Rangers take on the three bad guys, Milly remembers a nursery rhyme about apples and finds the plates hidden in an apple tree. In the midst of the fighting, she stashes them in the picnic basket she and Cotton brought to the fort. With the bad guys tied up in the wagon, Cotton decides a piece of fried chicken would hit the spot. Milly, realizing he will find the plates, pulls a gun. However, she's quickly brought under control and arrested with the rest. Back in Laredo, the Captain is not happy that his Rangers have left the office unmanned and have been spreading counterfeit money all over town. He is mollified by the fact that the Rangers rounded up all the counterfeiters, the fake money and the plates. But he makes them leave all their money in the office until it can be checked at the bank Monday morning. The boys figure it's going to be a long dull weekend. The Captain loans Cotton $5 so he can buy everyone a few drinks.

Air Date: 12-2-65
Writer: John D. F. Black
Director: Paul Stanley
Guests: Albert Salmi, Shelley Morrison, Richard Devon, John Abbott
Synopsis: When Reese’s friend Cletus comes to Laredo, things go wrong all around him - runaway horses, broken wagon wheels, busted feed sacks. Reese tries to show him he’s not a jinx by getting him signed up as a Ranger. When Chad hears about the jinx, his first thought is to figure how to use it in a card game to his advantage. However, when they're all assigned to hunt down Linda Littletrees' gang, the first thing Cletus does is disconnect Chad’s shoulder, driving thoughts of profit from Chad’s mind. Littletrees’ gang has robbed the bank in the first town the Rangers come to. While Chad sees the doctor, Joe’s attempt to track the gang is hampered by a freak rainstorm. The Littletrees gang watches Joe from a ridge. When the rain stops, Joe takes off his wet shirt. Linda’s eyes bulge at the sight. She’s in love — much to the dismay of her ardent suitor Blue Dog who is now determined to kill Joe. The gang sets a trap to capture Joe, He manages to fight them off until Linda hits him on the head with a rock. While the rest of the gang goes off to intercept the other Rangers, Linda proposes marriage to Joe. He’s rescued by the arrival of the other Rangers. During the gunfight, Reese sets it up so Cletus can rescue him, leading Cletus to believe the Jinx is gone. Cletus resigns from the Rangers to return to his waiting girlfriend, leaving disaster striking everywhere Reese walks.

Air Date: 12-9-65
Writer: Ric Hardman
Director: R.G. Springsteen
Guests: Fred Clark, Audrey Dalton, Alan Napier, Bart Barns, Keith Jones, Dennis McCarthy
Synopsis: The Rangers are sent to a land rush to keep things legal. The Captain assures Commissioner Smoot that any Rangers taking bribes, filing claims or in any way showing favoritism would face prison. While patrolling the registration area, Chad escorts the beautiful widow Coverly to her wagon. Reese meets young Robert Coverly who interrupts Reese’s bragging about Indian fighting to brag about his grandfather, Major Donaldson of the Kyber, who has fought real India Indians. They are both invited to tea which is interrupted when Joe rats them out to the Captain. The Rangers have their hands full rounding up sooners, stopping fights, preventing thugs from muscling legitimate homesteaders off their claims. But when Major Donaldson collapses after staking out river land, Chad puts on his uniform & rides back to register the claim. Reese has broken Smoot’s glasses so he doesn’t recognize Chad. Joe diverts the Captain with a phony fire alarm. They think they’ve fooled the Captain but after they leave the fort behind them, he lets them know he wasn’t fooled by fires without smoke or Lancers riding western saddles.

Air Date: 10-14-66
Writers: William Hellinger and Clint Young
Director: Sherman Marks
Guests: Gene Raymond, Anna Capri, Leo Gordon, Alan de Witt
Synopsis: The four Rangers stake out a bank to stop a robbery planned by the Emerson gang. Only Wayne Emerson, who's captured, and his younger brother Ed, who gets away, are left alive. When Reese gets his share of the reward, he buys a plot of land to build a cattle ranch and announces he's not going to re-enlist in the Rangers. Reese is thrilled with his purchase until he finds out it's under water - alkaline water. He's been slickered. Erik goes after the land slickers posing as European royalty looking for Texas land. In order to stop Reese from spoiling his plan by rushing in to break some bones, they handcuff both Reese and Emerson [who is being transported to Laredo by the scenic route] to the bed in the bridal suite - the only room left in the hotel. Wayne's brother Ed pays two "hostesses" $10 each to entertain Chad and Joe while he climbs a trellis to the room where Wayne is prisoner. When Ed climbs in the window to rescue him, Reese is drinking the champagne left for the displaced bridal couple. He just happens to toss the bottle out the window, knocking Ed to the ground. In the meantime, Erik tells the slickers he wants ten plots, including No. 16, the plot Reese bought. While they're considering the deal, the Rangers put Wayne in the jail and for good measure throw Reese in with him until he's ready to sign his enlistment papers. Then when he does sign them, Chad tells the sheriff it's a confession and puts it in his pocket. Ed gathers up some men and breaks Wayne out of jail. They take Reese hostage for good measure. Chad and Joe rush to his rescue. After they take out the entire gang, Chad is left hanging over a cliff. Reese refuses to help until he gets his enlistment papers back. He leaves Chad dangling for Joe to help. When the slickers decide to sell Erik the property they'd already sold Reese, he has them red-handed for fraud. After knocking out Conrad, Sally pulls a gun on him. Erik takes care of her the way he takes care of all beautiful female villains. When the Rangers get back to Laredo, the Captain plans an assignment for Chad, Joe and Erik. Reese insists they'll be killed without him so he ends up re-enlisting for "just one more year."

Air Date: 12-2-66
Writers: Joseph Bonaduce and Jay Simms
Director: R. G. Springsteen
Guests: Jack Weston, E.J. Andre, Sig Haig, Joan Huntington
Synopsis: "Last of the Caesars" was Laredo's garish entry into the universal Western plot category -- the slave labor camp. Usually a corrupt judge/ landowner/ mining magnate/mayor sentences strangers to work in [usually] a mine for a bogus crime. [William Smith had two more entries in this category. He was in the Gunsmoke version "Hard Labor" as one of the imprisoned workers and in Wildside's "Delinquency of a Miner" as a rescuer.] In Laredo's version, Jack Weston plays the crazed Hannibal Rex who, with the help of the black-suited Brunning and his henchmen, is kidnapping specialized workers to build him a city. The men slaughter anyone whose skills they can't use. The Rangers find the massacred remains of one of Brunning's raids. And argue over who will dig the graves. Joe & Reese spend three days tracking the kidnappers until they are captured themselves. Chad & Erik, the brain trust, masquerade as sculptor Wentworth and architect Van Roden so Hannibal will kidnap them. They allow themselves to be seduced by two women setting a trap for them. When the beauteous Celeste, one of Hannibal's off-limits wives, invites Erik to her tent. Erik suspects a trap. He tells Chad of the invitation. Chad whose brain is clouded with testosterone falls into the trap and ends up on one of Hannibal's execution devices -- a metal pole slowly heating toward red hot hung over a pit of venomous snakes. Last of the Caesars ended predictably with Chad & Joe rounding up the few bad guys not killed, Reese doing something comical and Erik in a clench with a villainess.

Air Date: 9-16-65
Writers: Lewis Reed and Calvin Clements
Director: Paul Stanley
Guests: Burgess Meredith, Beverly Garland, Mario Alcaide, Harry Hickox, Leo Gordon, Bern Hoffman, Dorothy Dells, Ernest Anderson
Synopsis: Lazyfoot & his renegades have eluded the Rangers so Reese, Chad & Joe are sent to find them with reinforcements to follow. While undercover as prospectors, the boys meet Grubby Sully in Aggie’s saloon. He claims to need partners to get to his gold mine in territory controlled by Lazyfoot. Chad & Joe join him, leaving Reese behind by leading the sheriff to believe he's a sheep rustler. When the three are captured by Lazyfoot, Reese frees only Grubby who leads Reese to his mine. Reese returns and infiltrates the renegade band in disguise, frees the boys & helps thwart an ambush of the Captain & his reinforcements. He then takes off to the mine leaving Chad & Joe with the captured Gattling gun. They get credit for the rescue & let the Captain think Reese deserted them to look for gold. In the end the boys discover Grubby’s mine is nothing but planted fool’s gold. He just needed their help to get past Lazyfoot. In the end, they watch him disappear over the mountain to get to his real mine alone.

Air Date: 12-30-66
Writer: Marty Roth
Director: Abner Biberman
Guests: Donald Barry, Peter Dunhill, Clint Howard, Barbara Werle
Synopsis: This is the story of two Dixie gangs. Sam Dixie is making fools of law enforcement through-out Texas robbing banks with tricks like distracting the populace with a medicine wagon parked in front of the bank. Matt Dixie is Sam's young cousin who is leading a band of young orphans hoping to join up with the gang. Chad & Joe are assigned to go after the Dixie gang. To Reese's dismay, he's sent after the people who burglarized the Laredo general store on his night watch. Erik is already undercover romancing Dixie's girlfriend. Reese finds the burglars. They turn out to be the little Dixie gang, who manage to capture Reese. When Matt gets the location of Sam Dixie's gang from Sam's girlfriend, Erik follows him. Chad & Joe have nothing to do except wait for Erik to send them word. Reese manages to escape but is recaptured when he stops to save Midj from drowning and Sam Dixie shows up. When Matt returns accompanied by Erik, Sam Dixie tells the kids to get lost. In the meantime, Chad & Joe are sent to guard the stage with a payroll they mistakenly think the Dixie gang will try for. In the end the little Dixie gang rescues Erik & Reese with their sling shots. Reese takes the little gang back to Laredo to find homes.

Air Date: 9-16-66
Writers: Gerry Day and B. W. Sandefur
Director: Hollingsworth Morse
Guests: Rex Holman, Cliff Osmond, Maura McGiveney
Synopsis: This episode introduces Erik Hunter from Ranger Company A, who is assigned to go under cover to infiltrate Midas Mantee’s gang of gold thieves. In Portrero, he tries to help the gang escape with a gold shipment but is thwarted by Reese who throws him in jail. Reese transports Erik to Val Verde in handcuffs to maintain his cover but Erik turns the tables and leaves Reese handcuffed to his saddle. In Val Verde, while Joe & Chad watch the bank, Erik seduces Rita, a dentist's nurse. Rita is stealing nitrous oxide for Mantee and using it on the town banker to get the combination to the safe. Erik & Chad stage a gunfight in front of Midas’ men in which Chad is “killed” so Erik will be accepted by Mantee.. When the Captain arrives Chad's “body” is in the ice house, Reese is in the now empty bank knocked out with the gas, Joe has tracked the robbers but is captured and Erik has been introduced to Midas by Rita. Chad & Reese make it to Midas’ fort just as Midas is ordering Erik to kill Joe. The four Rangers subdue the gang and pursue Midas & Rita who have raced off on the gold-laden camels Midas bought to escape across the desert. Joe, Chad & Reese haul everyone back to Val Verde except Rita who is Erik's prisoner.

Air Date: 2-10-66
Writer: John F. D. Black
Director: Bernard McEveetey
Guests: Kurt Russell, Robert Yuro, J., Pat O'Malley, Ray Kellogg
Synopsis: When the Rangers round up the Morgan gang of horse thieves, Joe “captures” 14-yr-old Indian Grey Smoke who is working for the gang. Joe takes him under his wing and gets the Captain to hire him as a runner. When Reese is sent out to join the rest of the Rangers chasing cattle rustlers [that’s the last of Reese in this episode] Chad, Joe & the Captain are the only Rangers left in Laredo. They notice a disturbing gathering of nine gunslingers at the saloon. Cattleman Stan Greevy hired them to retrieve his stolen cattle in Mexico despite the danger of starting a border war. Although Greevy has a change of heart and pays the men off, they decide that with most of the Rangers out of Laredo, they can take over. In the ensuing gunfight, Chad, Joe & Captain Parmalee take care of most of the gun slicks until Jug Herriot gets the drop on Chad & Joe in an alley while they’re taking down another man. Grey Smoke saves the day be jumping off a roof knocking Jug to the ground.

Air Date: 3-3-66
Writer: John T. Dugan
Director: Bernard McEveetey
Guests: Barbara Rush, Kristina Holland, Christopher Dark
Synopsis: Chad & Joe gloat over bribing Reese to volunteer for escort duty for some “fancy Dan” friends of the Governor. They're crushed when the Captain tells Reese he'll be escorting the Bordeaux sisters.. However, Reese’s fantasies of two French beauties are dashed when his charges turn out to be two nuns determined to re-open Massacre Mission where priests were slaughtered years earlier. When he's unable to convince them they’re in danger from hostile Comanches, Chad & Joe are sent to replace him. Finding the mission deserted, they fear the worst and track the nuns to a Comanche camp where they're guests not prisoners. Chad & Joe are no more successful than was Reese in convincing them to leave the mission. They end up helping the sisters put the mission back in running order, much to the dismay of the Ford gang who hid their loot under the chapel floor. The gang has been raiding in fake war paint so that Comanches are blamed. When the Rangers find out the gang is coming to the mission in force, Chad holds them off while Joe gets help from the Comanches. The gang is overwhelmed, including the leader who is knocked cold by Sister Joan of Arc wielding a length of fire wood. Chad & Joe donate the reward for recovering the money to the mission and ride back to Laredo with the gang in tow.

Air Date: 2-24-66
Writer: John D. F. Black
Director: Earl Bellamy
Guests: Shelley Morrison, Richard Devon, Michael Conrad, William Vaughan
Synopsis: Reese suggests a plan to capture Linda Littletrees using her heart’s desire — Joe — as bait. The Captain puts him off because he has another plan in the works he hasn’t told Reese about. Tinney, a Ranger from Company A poses as an outlaw and is placed in the jail cell next to Max and Blue Dog, members of Littletrees' gang waiting for the prison wagon. He escapes using a derringer smuggled in his boot. He releases Blue Dog and Max so they will lead him to Littletrees’ hideout. Everything goes as planned until Chad, Joe & Reese, who were ordered to stay in the barracks, spoil the escape. Joe goes after Max & Blue Dog while Reese takes Tinney prisoner.
After getting chewed out by the Captain, Reese is sent to replace Tinney at Company A & doesn’t reappear in this episode. The Captain & Chad spend the rest of the episode in the office fretting about Joe. Tinney, still undercover, follows the others to the hideout where Joe has been captured by Littletrees. Littletrees locks Joe in a room with a wedding outfit and sings him a Comanche wedding song outside the door as he desperately tries to escape. He manages to cut thru one of the bars, but when Linda bursts in the room, she compares the hole in the window to her visualization of Joe’s muscular torso and opens the wardrobe to find him cowering inside. Some fumbling by Blue Dog and help from Tinney enables them to capture the gang. Linda tells Joe she won’t love him no more if he takes her to jail, but he is not deterred.

Air Date: 2-10-67
Writer: Gene L. Coon
Director: Erza Stone
Guests: Barbara Anderson, Robert F. Simon, Malcolm Atterbury, Edward Faulkner
Synopsis: In Grover's Bend, a town with no lawman, the storekeeper telegraphs the Captain that a pacifist religious group which raises sheep is being bullied by a group of cattlemen. "The Peaceables" can't defend themselves because of their religious principles. Chad, Joe and Reese are sent to protect them [no Erik in this one].despite the fact that Reese has just thrown out his back lifting a beer barrel in a bar bet. Pacifists rarely prevail in tv Westerns. They are sometimes sympathetic characters helped out of trouble by the series hero or they can be comical characters, also helped by the series hero, but less sympathetic. Laredo most always took the lighter side of every issue. So the Peaceables, as represented by Delia Snilly and her father Ernest were strident and comically out of touch with reality but still worthy of Ranger protection. By the time the Rangers get to Snilly's sheep ranch, Reese is in serious need of bedrest. Ernest insists that they don't need the Rangers. If the Peaceables can just show the "high-spirited" cowboys the power of reason and brotherly love, they'll stop their "pranks" which include beating up Peaceables, cutting fences and running off stock. Chad & Joe head for town, leaving Reese to the tender care of Delia who bristles at Joe's advice that Reese keep his "hog leg" handy in case Garmes' men start trouble. Under the gaze of the lovely Delia, Reese seems ripe for conversion. In Grover's Bend, Chad and Joe see Aces Brady and figure he's involved. After touching bases with the shopkeeper who sent the telegram, they find Garmes and Aces' gang in the saloon. While Joe and Chad let Garmes and Aces know the law is in town, Delia comes looking for them. She wants them to talk to Reese immediately, believing Reese will convince them that violence will solve nothing. When she walks into the saloon, it is apparent to Chad that Garmes is smitten with her, although she won't give him the time of day until he renounces his violent ways. When Joe & Chad return to the Snilly ranch, they walk in on Delia and Reese singing a rousing rendition of "Tormented by the Flame". They're unable to talk any sense into Reese who is clearly besotted by Delia . They return in disgust to Grover's Bend where they reopen the jail. Delia goes into town with Reese, hoping he can show them by example where he has failed to persuade them with words. Reese, wearing the garb of the Peaceables, tries to reason with Aces Brady. In return he gets his hat set on fire and then a dousing in the horse trough. Reese then tries to stop two of Aces' men from beating up the storekeeper who was seen taking the keys to the jail to Chad and Joe. However, his attempts to reason with them results in a whack on the head. Joe and Chad interfere and carry the two men off to the jail. On the way, two other men try to free the first two. All four get packed off to jail. While Chad and Joe eat dinner, they mull over how to stop Aces' gang from carrying out their threat to burn out all the Peaceables. Chad and Joe decide that with four in jail, if they just round up the rest, Aces won't be able to carry out his threat. They gather up the first two for spitting on the sidewalk and defacing a public building. However, Aces figures out what they're doing and sets four of his men to fighting in the street while the rest wait hidden with rifles ready. When Chad and Joe come out of the jail, they're fired upon and Joe gets one of those ubiquitous shoulder wounds. The boys have enough ammunition for a couple of hours but after a little heavy gunfire, figure on a way to get Reese to abandon his newfound pacifism and come to their aid. They get Garmes to come over for a talk, where he claims he's trying to get Aces to stop, but can't control him. Chad persuades him that Delia is really crazy about him but is disappointed in his lack of forcefulness. Chad tells him he should just go and grab her. Chad figures this will get Reese moving. Unexpectedly, it is Delia not Reese that takes care of the amorous Garmes - with a cast iron frying pan. But it has the desired effect of galvanizing Reese into action. He takes the unconscious Garmes to town and creates a diversion. The gang is captured. Delia admits to Chad that hitting Garmes with the frying pan gave her more pleasure than anything that had ever happened in her life. Chad reckoned how he thought she might like it if she gave it a try. Reese cannot fathom this turn of the tables. He suffered greatly to maintain the facade of a pacifist, but in the end, it's Chad that Delia is looking at with soulful admiration. He really begins ranting when Chad admits he was the one who put the idea in Garmes head to rile Reese into action. He stops when he sees the look of horror on Delia's face in reaction to his threats against Chad. She doesn't notice the smug look on Chad's face.

Air Date: 12-16-65
Writer: John McGreevey
Director: Tony Leader
Guests: George Kennedy, Michael Shaughnessy, Henry Gibson, Robert Cornthwaite, James Griffith
Synopsis: In this episode, the part of the tough but not-so-bright Ranger was played by George Kennedy as Jess. Reese was on assignment in Houston and made no appearance. Jess is set up to challenge the Cavalry boxing champion on July 4th. However, due to a series of mine shipment holdups by the Pryor gang, the holiday has been cancelled for the Rangers. Self-righteous Ranger Gruber [Henry Gibson] intends to enforce the Captain’s orders. In order to trick the Pryor gang, a shipment of silver bullion is secretly deposited in the bank vault in Laredo. Half the Rangers wait at the mine for the Pryors while the other half guard the bank. However, unbeknownst to everyone, Wilson Jones, the supposed representative of the miners insurance company, is the leader of the gang. He is privy to the trap. He encourages Chad, Joe & Jess to leave the bank to fight the cavalry boxer. While they’re gone, the gang overpowers the remaining Rangers and takes the silver. Chad and Joe capture the gang, recover the silver and almost convince the Captain they're heroes.

Air Date: 3-24-66
Writer: John D. F. Black
Director: Irving J. Moore
Guests: Lee Van Cleef, Stanley Adams, Roy Roberts
Synopsis: In this low-budget homage to High Noon, Reese plans a party to celebrate the Captain’s 4th year leading Company B. His plans are disrupted by a robbery, the lack of a cook to bake a cake and finally by Mike Kelly who challenges Parmelee to a gunfight at quarter past eleven. The robbers are taken care of by splicing tracking and shoot-out footage from “Yahoo” [ep. 3] & “Three’s Company” [ep. 5] into backlot closeup scenes. When the Rangers find out about Kelly, they go to the saloon where he’s waiting and let him think they’ll shoot him in the back before they let him kill the Captain. As the two men meet in the streets, Kelly hears the sound of three guns being cocked behind him. He gives up and turns tail. The Captain is a little suspicious but distracted by the party which goes off as planned despite the odd results of Reese's attempt at cake baking. [Lee Van Cleef was, of course, one of the four men waiting to kill Gary Cooper in "High Noon"].

Air Date: 3-10-67
Writer: Joseph Bonaduce
Director: Leo Penn
Guests: Walter Burke, Vaughn Taylor, Patsy Kelly, Lisa James
Mrs. Morton finds Bright Star bending over the dead body of Clara McDermott, who has been stabbed to death. Her screams attract the attention of Chad and Erik, returning from a patrol. Chad takes down the fleeing Bright Star. With Erik's help he's arrested. Despite urging from Captain Parmalee, Chad, Erik and his old friend Joe, Bright Star won't say more than that he didn't kill Mrs. McDermott, he loved her. They know that she had saved his life, nursed him back to health and that he loved her. But if he doesn't give them more information, they can't help him. In the meantime, Mrs. Morton is stirring up a crowd, especially Jake Taggert who was Clara McDermott's rejected suitor. Frank Foster even urges Taggert to use a gun to dispose of Bright Star. When Cotton breaks up the crowd, he wins the admiration of Abby Heffernan, a widowed mule skinner whose looking for a fifth husband. Although the jury selection process is a little odd and appears to be stacked against the defendant, it does include Joe, Cotton and Abby. The others include Murdock, a burly fellow who is automatically foreman because his name was chosen first, an undertaker who tries to beg off because the price of ice is so high in the summer and he has bodies waiting, Frank Foster's daughter who he claims is too high-strung for jury duty, and a woman who has an eye for the undertaker. The costs of paying actors who have lines means we will find out nothing about the other five jurors. After Erik and Mrs. Morton testify, the only witness left is Bright Star who refuses because he knows no white person will believe him. He doesn't want to beg for his life. However, the Captain persuades him that if he does not, Clara will be remembered as a stupid woman who got what was coming to her for taking in a savage. Bright Star testifies that to him Clara was a queen. He was out checking his rabbit traps when he was attacked by a mountain lion. He fights off the lion with his knife which accounts for the scratches on his face and the absence of his knife. When he goes to Clara for medical aid, he finds her dead. He runs when Mrs. Morton starts screaming. When the judge starts to clear the court so the jury can deliberate, the foreman gets up and declares it's an open and shut case with no need to deliberate. Only Joe holds out for at least talking about the evidence. Juror Foster, a friend of Clara's, tells the jury that she had packed her trunk three weeks earlier and was planning to leave without Bright Star. While Joe tries to convince the other jurors that the murder was not committed in the fashion that an Indian brave would kill a woman, Chad becomes the first lawman to actually investigate Bright Star's story and visit the scene of the crime. Out by the rabbit traps he finds a piece of lion fur and evidence of a large carcass being dragged away. At Clara's he finds that she had sliced bread for company prior to her murder and packed her trunk with china wrapped in that day's newspaper. Back in town, during dinner recess, Erik and the Captain hold off another mob wanting to cut short the trial with a hanging. Based on Chad's discoveries, the Captain persuades the judge to reconvene the trial at the scene of the crime. It doesn't take long for juror Adeline Foster to to wither under the Captain's questions and confess that she killed Clara because she herself was in love with Bright Star. She was distraught that Clara was leaving Laredo with Bright Star. In fact, it was her father who beat Bright Star before Clara found him and nursed him. It was also Frank Foster who dragged away the lion carcass and tried to end any inquiry by getting Taggert to kill Bright Star. Murderer or not, Chad gets the girl in the end, if only to escort her to jail. Cotton takes off in the last scene when he finds Abby is looking for the judge to conduct a marriage ceremony. He is long gone before she lets the others know that the intended couple is the undertaker and the female juror who found him appealing.

Writers: Calvin Clements
Director: Harvey Hart
Guests: Julie Harris, Donnelly Rhodes, Bruce Dern, Woodrow Partrey, Lane Bradford, Don Stewart
Synopsis: "Arillo” opens with Reese waking Joe from a nap and rousting Chad from a lady’s boudoir after spotting a wanted man [Durkee played by Bruce Dern]. After chasing Durkee into the Captain’s office, Chad & Reese argue outside about whether Durkee is there for a meeting or to kill the Captain. Joe suggests the Captain could be getting his throat slit while they argue. They rush in guns drawn, which the Captain takes as a sign they're volunteering to accompany the amnesty-seeking Durkee to round up the Jamison gang at the border. To this end they're sent to Arillo with a vain warning not to get into a brawl. On the way to Arillo, they meet Annamay, a widow with two children who thinks the Rangers were sent by the Governor to straighten out the title dispute on her farm. As it turns out, Sam Burns is trying to take title to her farm because the Jamisons have converted their loot to silver bars & buried them in Annamay’s barn. After the obligatory saloon brawl and a little home cooking from Annamay who has her eye on Reese for a husband, the boys take the gang and the silver.

Air Date: 1-20-67
Writer: Calvin Clements
Director: Joseph Pevney
Guests: Robert Yuro, Kathleen Freeman
Synopsis: Reese gets the best of outlaw Johnny Rhodes when Rhodes brings his lame horse to a waterhole. However, a snake spooks Reese's horse before he can transport his prisoner to Laredo. As Reese lies unconscious some men approach. Rhodes takes off on Reese's horse, leaving his lame horse behind with its distinctive silver saddle. Reese wakes up with amnesia and a lame horse. He walks to the nearest town -- San Rosa, Mexico. He ends up in a cantina with Mio, its flirtatious owner. When bad man Luis comes in to make unwelcome advances to one of the young bar maids, Reese stands up to him and ends up with a beer poured over his head. The ensuing fight is interrupted when one of Luis' men notices the silver saddle on Reese's horse. Everyone concludes that he must be Johnny Rhodes who robs those with money and kills those with empty pockets. Reese figures they must be right. In the meantime, Chad and Joe have found Reese's hat by the waterhole. They track the horse they think Johnny Rhodes is riding into San Rosa. However, the view through the cantina window shows Reese holding court as Johnny Rhodes. They don't want to mess up whatever plans he has, so they go in pretending to be friends of Rhodes. However, all three are confused over the course of the conversation. Reese thinks they're trying to confuse him in order to cut him out of a gold shipment robbery he has planned with the McCord gang. Actually, Chad does plan to do just that although for different reasons. He figures in his discombobulated state, Reese would mess things up. So he and Joe will pose as Johnny's partners and tell the gang the gold train was delayed on the U.S. side of the border. Once they get up there, the gang can be rounded up and jailed in Laredo. Joe suggests they just tell the McCords they've decided to rob the Laredo bank after the gold gets there so they won't have to walk them so far to jail. Mio, who wants "Johnny" to take advantage of his memory problems to retire from the outlaw business and run her cantina in Durango as "the man of the house". They figure that Chad and Joe, his fellow outlaws, could cause him trouble for backing out of the McCord deal. Mio has her two comely young barmaids to help Reese. The girls flirt with our heroes and put knock-out drops in their drinks. Joe and Chad wake trussed up with rope, feeling like they've had sand laced with tabasco shoved down their throats. Reese intends to dump them on the edge of town so he can take off for Durango. Unfortunately, the real Johnny Rhodes and his gang show up. Rhodes can't figure why one of the Rangers has tied up the other two, but takes all favors without question. Luis takes the opportunity to repay Reese for their previous fight by kicking him into the street where he hits his head and gets his memory back. With the help of Mio's skillet bounced off Luis head, our heroes escape, but not before Rhodes' gang mines the street with dynamite. Naturally it only takes three Rangers to overpower the whole gang. Reese explodes the last of the dynamite just in time to soil Erik, point man on a Ranger patrol. The boys let Reese know he apparently made some plans with Mio. The episode ends with Reese's classic bleating complaint. "You guys" [which prior to Erik's addition to the cast was "You two."

Air Date: 1-27-67
Writers: Leonard Praskins, Barbara Merlin
Director: Erza Stone
Guests: Rick Natoli, Michael Green
Synopsis: Red Gully and his brothers attack a group of peaceful Indians to steal their horses. They kill everyone except for young Black Wing and his uncle Flying Cloud. Black Wing, not realizing Flying Cloud is alive, puts on war paint and vows revenge. In the meantime, Reese has extended a week's time off into two weeks partying with Rosie, Nellie. and Margie at the China Hat Saloon in Apocalypse. Chad, Joe & Erik are assigned to bring him back under arrest , as well as to get rid of the Gully Gang. Reese, suddenly realizing he's overdue, takes off for Laredo. Before Reese can get home, he's ambushed by Black Wing and ends up with an arrow in the buttocks. While Reese is quarreling with, then establishing a fatherly concern for, Black Wing, the other Rangers have made their way to the China Hat Saloon. They enjoy themselves while waiting for an answer to a telegram sent to the Captain. Part of this interlude features Peter Brown "singing" a little extemporaneous ditty. The Rangers find three mail order brides stranded because the Gully boys stole their carriage horse. Our heroes give them a ride to meet their new husbands. This little junket does nothing to advance the plot so apparently they needed some filler. Meanwhile, Black Wing has tried to take revenge on the Gullys by shooting an arrow into the camp. When the Gullys go after him, Reese takes advantage of the distraction to get the jump on them. Unfortunately the tables turn when Red Gully grabs Black Wing, threatening to kill him. Black Wing gets away but Reese is taken captive. Black Wing runs into the other Rangers. Together they track the Gullys to a cabin where Reese is held hostage. The Rangers take out the gang just in time for Flying Cloud to show up for his nephew. Reese knows it is best for Black Wing to go with his uncle and pretends not to care that his plans to adopt Black Wing are for naught. Back in Laredo, Reese gets time in the guardhouse as punishment for his extended vacation. The other Rangers can't get him to cheer up and join their Ranger games. But when Black Wing stops by on his way to join his tribe in Oklahoma to say good-by, Reese finds himself in good spirits again.

Air Date: 4-7-67
Writer: Paul Mason
Director: Alan Rafkin
Guests: Shelley Morrison, Monica Lewis, Gerald Mohr, Myron Healey
Synopsis: Linda LIttletrees and her faithful love slave Blue Dog ambush the judge and the hangman responsible for the execution of Jake Ringo. When Blue Dog fails in his attempts to jump out of a tree and slit their throats, Linda coldly shoots them in the back. When the bodies are found, each has a letter naming him as a beneficiary in the will of Johnny Ringo to be read at a house in Mexas on the Texas Mexico border. Captain Parmalee, the man who arrested Ringo, has received the same letter. It indicates that the other beneficiaries include Littletrees, Gypsy John Fuente, Belle Bronson and Smiley Hogg. Over the objections of the Rangers, who protest it's obviously a trap, the Captain insists he must attend the reading of the will. He believes the victims of Ringo's last bank robbery deserve a chance to get some of their money back. Besides, Littletrees and Hogg are wanted for murder in Texas. But he won't go alone, Chad and Joe are assigned to come along. Joe, long the object of Linda's obsession, tries to beg off but Erik has been assigned to help Reese and Cotton with the Butler gang. (And that's the only mention of Reese in this episode.) Chad leads Erik to believe that Linda LIttletrees is a beautiful Indian maiden along the lines of Pocahontas. Erik gives Chad back $40 in IOU's in exchange for convincing Joe to trade assignments. When Erik leaves to inform the Captain, Joe comes out and gives Chad back some IOU's he holds in exchange for not telling Erik that Linda looks like Sam Pocahontas. [And that's William Smith's last Laredo scene ever.] Meanwhile, the scavengers are gathering in Mexas, waiting for the Captain. Their host is Ringo's lawyer, E.J. Morse. The three Rangers approach the house on the border with caution. Once inside they try to arrest Linda and Hogg. Linda is unperturbed as she is sitting on the Mexican side of the house and the Rangers can't touch her. Belle and Gypsy stay on the Texas side as they are wanted in Mexico. The will divides $75,000 among the five beneficiaries if they spend the night in the house. If anyone dies, their share goes into the pot. Any uneasy truce keeps the peace. Linda asks Chad why Joe didn't come. She's disappointed when Chad tells her Joe is getting married, but then takes a shine to Erik. Chad gives her a bag of licorice and tells her it's a present from Erik. Erik becomes the new object of her affection. We also find out that Belle and the Captain have a past together. But he couldn't tolerate her outlaw ways. As everyone goes off to bed after dinner, Laredo borrows from Agatha Christie. People die. Some die for real, some thought dead come back. When the Rangers hear a disturbance below, they find the lawyer was the first to die. The Rangers kill the next victim themselves as Smiley Hogg comes out shooting a gun filled with blanks. The gas lights go out. There's a shot and Belle is gone. The Rangers do some figuring. Just as they figure the murdered hangman actually faked Ringo's hanging, Ringo comes out with a shotgun aimed at everyone. With the help of Linda, Ringo has put this party together in order to kill everyone. As Linda and Blue Dog escort the Rangers upstairs at gunpoint, they hear Ringo shoot Gypsy. The boys are not amused by the nooses they find in their room. But they soon get the upper hand. Gypsy isn't really dead. Ringo has him around to double cross Linda before she can get him. But Linda shoots Gypsy and takes off with the money. However, her escape is foiled by Erik and the Captain while Chad takes care of Ringo. Linda ends up in jail after being arrested on the Texas side of the house. But she's been there before and seldom stays long. Erik's jump from the house was taken from episode 52 "Small Chance Ghost" which used the same house exterior and had Erik conveniently doing the same jump. [No point paying a stunt man twice when one jump will do double duty.]

Air Date: 1-20-66
Writers: Vincent Boart and Gene I. Coon
Director: Howard Mooris
Guests: Peter Graves, Arch Johnson, Marliyn Mason
Synopsis: This Laredo episode appears to have been a pilot for a series starring the popular singing duo Chad & Jeremy -- part of the British invasion of the 1960's. - It centers on the misadventures of two itinerant English actors who occasionally burst into song as they travel the byways of the West. Chad & Joe cross paths with them several times while searching for the notorious Pecos Kid, but the story focusses on Dudley and Newton as the duo is called here. Chad & Joe arrive in Three Forks as Chad’s old friend Newton and his partner are being hauled to jail for leaving bad vouchers all over town after their manager absconded with the theater receipts. Chad takes charge of the prisoners, telling the sheriff that a state charge of “Framus” takes precedent over local matters. The two duos part company shortly thereafter. Dudley & Newton enter Whiskey Flats, a town in need of a minister. Dudley dons clerical apparel hoping one sermon and collection will give them funds to move on. Gunfighter Ben Conrad and his fiancée Belleflower want to get married. Dudley, under duress, conducts the ceremony but feels they must do something to stop the honeymoon as the marriage is not legal. The two dress up as robbers and use prop guns to stop the stage carrying the newlyweds. Thru a fortunate mishap, they run down Conrad just as Chad & Joe ride up hot on the trail of the Pecos Kid - Conrad’s alias. Dudley & Newton get a big reward which enables them to pay their debts & continue their travels — but not in their own TV series.

Air Date: 10-14-65
Writer: John McGreevey
Director: Bernard McEveetey
Guests: David Brian, Myrna Fahey, James Seay
Synopsis: An old girlfriend of Chad’s comes to Laredo with her railroad tycoon father. He offers Chad a job at ten times his Ranger pay. Joe & Reese try to break up the two lovers to keep Chad in the Rangers or just to be ornery. Instead, their machinations push Chad into a marriage proposal and resignation from the Rangers. As Chad is packing to leave, the boys try one last trick - Reese tells Chad that the assignment the captain sent them on - to guard a wagon train from Indian attack - has gone bad. Joe is pinned down with the train and reinforcements are needed. Chad, knowing a scheme when he hears one, finishes his packing. However, after Reese meets up with Joe, Indians do attack the train. As Chad is about to the board the stage with his fiancée, the Captain is heading out with a small group of Rangers - not enough are available in town for what is needed. Chad tells his fiancée he will catch up with the stage in Austin but must go to help his friends. When she gives him an ultimatum - come with her now or they’re finished - Chad tells her she is now, “a woman without a fiancée”. He catches up with the Captain, gets reinstated as a Ranger and helps drive off the Indians.

Air Date: 3-31-67
Writer: Edward J. Lasko
Director: William Witney
Guests: Joe Flynn, Claude Akins, George Furth
Synopsis: This penultimate episode was reminiscent of the first year episodes, without Robert Wolders and with Frederick Shorr producing. Claude Akins took Neville Brand's place one last time. The plot has the three Rangers getting a $50 bonus to escort a wagon carrying a jug of nitroglycerin to the army. The Professor, who knows how to handle the material is coming along because the last transport wagon blew up on the way. Standing in the way of successful completion of their mission is a quick-change artist who intends to steal the nitro and sell it. Danger lurks everywhere for our heroes. The professor blows up a cast iron skillet to show them the power of a single drop of nitro. Cotton is perturbed that he is required to drive the wagon while Chad & Joe ride behind, way behind. Chad is surprised by Strade and hung from the rafters. His greatest danger at that point seems to be being poked in the stomach by his pal Joe. Joe is put in comparable danger when a maiden lady mistakes Joe's intentions during his search for the villain disguised as a woman. Even after the villain is captured, the nitro delivered and their bonus collected, Cotton's nerves are on edge.

Air Date: 4-14-66
Writer: John T. Dugan
Director: Earl Bellamy
Guests: Joe De Santis, Donnelly Rhodes, Madlyn Rhue
Synopsis: Three con artists set up Reese to “save” them from robbers. Don Miguel’s “dying” wish is that Reese get 10% of his estate. The estate turns out to be the entire county which Don Carlos de Laredo and his “sister” Dona Dolores are claiming under a forged Mexican land grant. They include Reese in order to enhance their credibility in Laredo. While Dona Dolores charms Reese, Don Carlos arranges to have local landowners pay to keep their land. Chad & Joe get Reese gussied up with new clothes, teach him to eat fancy food and give him fencing lessons. When the Captain “borrows” the land grant to have it examined, Don Carlos knows the jig is up so he empties the bank vault. The Rangers capture them all, including the “deceased” Don Miguel.

Air Date: 9-30-65
Writer: John D.F. Black
Director: David Lowell Rich
Guests: Martin Milner, Cliff Osmond, Dub Taylor, Shelly Morrison
Synopsis: New Hampshire deputy constable Clendon MacMillan comes to Laredo to apply his sophisticated law enforcement techniques and methods to the most primitive law enforcement organization in the country — the Texas Rangers. He is sent out with Chad, Joe & Reese to find Running Antelope & his gang who are burning and looting Texas towns. MacMillan angers Reese with his contemptuous attitude toward the Rangers. Chad & Joe irritate Reese by pretending to be in awe of MacMillan’s tracking skills, as well as his daily bathing. MacMillan is captured by Running Antelope after being duped by Linda Littletrees into freeing her from jail so he can help bring peace with the Indians. MacMillan tries to escape using Running Antelope as a shield. He's shocked the gang has no qualms about shooting right through their leader after which they are gunned down by the Rangers. In the end, Macmillan “regretfully” turns down a new Ranger assignment. He decides he’s needed back in New Hampshire and leaves Laredo on the first stage.

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