Leslie Uggams Show
September 28, 1969 - December 21, 1969


Episodes Known To Be In Existence

G.S. Dick Van Dyke/Sly & The Family Stone/Mark Copage    9/28/69

G.S. Don Knotts   10/5/69

G.S. Bob Crane/John Banner/Larry Hovis/Werner Klemperer/Robert Clary     10/12/69

G.S. Kaye Ballard/Raymond Burr/Turtles    10/26/69

G.S. Jim Nabors/Jackie Vernon/Smith     11/2/69

G.S. Johnny Mathis/Bob Denver/Robert Guillaume     11/9/69

G.S. Mike Connors/Ruth Buzzi/Stevie Wonder    12/7/69



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