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Madge Blake
May 31, 1899 - June 19, 1969



Madge Blake was a loveable character actress on Television during the 1950's and 60's.

She is bet known for her role as Aunt Harriet on Batman Where she played Dick Grayson (Robin) Aunt.

We first became familiar with Madge Blake in the late 1950's on The Real MCoys playing Flora McMichael.  She was the sister of George McMichael who was a friend of Amos McCoy.  For a time she was considered the love interest for Amos "Grandpa" McCoy.

Madge was terrific in the Pilot episode of Dennis The Menace where she played the babysitter for the Mitchells.  

Our favorite role for was Madge Blake was that of the mother of Larry Mondello on Leave It To Beaver.  Although just about all of her scripts were similar she played the perfect stressed out mother of a slightly bad boy in the late 1950's.  Her husband and daughter were mentioned often but never actually shown.

In 1966 she landed the role of Aunt Harriet on Batman and fell victim to a number of criminals on the show, she had no clue that Bruce & Dick were actually Batman & Robin.

Madge Blake died in 1969 after breaking her leg then suffering a heart attack.


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