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Mad TV
Dvd Review
Season Two

If you are a fan of political satire then you'll really like Mad Tv.  Whether you saw this in the late 90's when it originally aired or saw it on reruns on Comedy Central this show had some of the best comedy sketches

This series ran on Fox TV for 14 years and still holds up today very well.  

Season 2 starts out with Christina Applegate hosting the first episode, Sketches included Two Mouthy Chicks, Snoop Doggy Doggs Vegas Act and more.

Other hosts for Season 2 included Harry Connick Jr. Rodney Dangerfield, Queen Latifah, L.L. Cool J & others

Our favorites sketches included O.J. O J.  Seatbelt Dance Calling Couple, Must Have Been Old Santa Claus & Little Red Riding Hood.

This DVD has very good audio & video.

Mad TV
Season Two

TVofYourLife.com Gives This DVD A 7.0 On A 10 Scale

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