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“Grounded For Life-The Complete Series,” “That ‘70s Show” Seasons 5 & 6, and “Roseanne” Season 5 and 6 will be Available September 18, 2012

Minneapolis, MN (August xxx, 2012) Mill Creek Entertainment, a recognized leader in value entertainment will release new seasons of some of the most popular, award-winning sitcoms from Carsey-Werner Television Distribution on DVD in September including “Grounded for Life –The Complete Series,” “That ‘70s Show” Seasons 5 and 6, and “Roseanne” Seasons 5 and 6. Additionally, other television favorites including two Sir Arthur Conan collections “Sherlock Holmes,” the TV miniseries and his original Jurassic double feature “The Lost World” and “Return to the Lost World” along with “On Duty Firefighters,” the Complete Series will also be released in September for unbelievably low prices starting at $9.98.


Watch all five seasons of three generations of family dysfunction survive everyday life and still stay cool.

Raising kids is tough, especially when you're “Grounded for Life”! Sean and Claudia Finnerty, a fun-loving Staten Island couple got pregnant and married by age 18. Now in their 30s, they aren't bad parents, but they're still just kids themselves.

Starring: Donal Logue (“Blade”), Megyn Price (“Rules of Engagement”), Kevin Corrigan (“The Departed”), Lynsey Bartilson, Jake Burbage, Griffin Frazen, Richard Riehle

      All 5 Seasons Now Available for the 1st Time on Home Video

      $44.98 SRP

      Sept. 18, 2012 Release Date



It’s another out of site season for the groovy gang of “That ‘70’s Show”. Donna and Eric are back from California, Jackie and Hyde have a secret fling, Kitty announces she is pregnant and they are all getting ready for graduation. Fez gets a job at the DMV, finds a new love interest and might face deportation and of course, Kelso falls off the water tower, again.  The usual shenanigans ensue in the hilarious 5th season.

      Includes All 25 Episodes from this Groovy Hit Sitcom!

      Check-out These Stars: Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama, Debra Jo Rupp, Laura Prepon, Don Stark, Tanya Roberts, Kurtwood Smith and Danny Masterson

      Bonus Features:

     25 Episode Promos

     A ‘70s Flashback: Interview with Wilmer

     A ‘70s Flashback: Interview with Danny

     Season 5 Highlights

      $14.98 SRP.

      Special Guest Stars: Jessica Simpson, Betty White, Bobcat Goldthwait, Fred Willard

      Sept. 18, 2012 release date



Eric and Donna continue to be the center of the show as they prepare for their future.  Red is recovering after his heart attack, Eric decides to stay at home to help his Dad so Donna decides to postpone college too. Fez is trying to get his green card and Kelso is a police cadet. Brooke Shields and Seth Green join the season to add to the hilarity.

Special Guest Stars: Brooke Shields, Seth Green, Christina Moore, Tanya Roberts, Shannon Elizabeth and Alyson Hannigan

      Includes all 25 Episodes from this Groovy Hit Sitcom!

      Dig These Bonus Features:

        30-Second Promos for each Episode

        Six Minutes of Season Six

        A 70s Flashback: Debra Jo Rupp: Featurette about Debra and the Kitty Character

        A 70s Flashback: Kurtwood Smith

      $14.98 SRP

      Sept. 18, 2012 Release Date



It's another award-winning, hilarious season of the typical blue-collar family trying to raise a family and make ends meet. This season Roseanne and Jackie open a diner, Darlene decides to go to art school and her boyfriend moves in. The bike shop is closed and Dan decides to renovate a house that Jackie eventually buys to save Dan from financial disaster. It's another unforgettable season for the domestic goddess and her family.

Special performances by guest stars Loretta Lynn, Morgan Fairchild, Bill Maher, Ed Begley, Jr., Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Joan Collins and Chris Farley.

Bonus Feature:

Roseanne Answers the Fans Top 10 Questions

      Relive all 25 episodes of this award-winning comedy

      $14.98 SRP

      Sept. 18, 2012 Release Date



Relive all 25 episodes of Season 6 of the award-winning comedy from America’s favorite dysfunctional family.

It’s another hilarious and dramatic season where Bev sells her share in the diner, David proposes to Darlene, Dan and Roseanne smoke marijuana, Roseanne receives a surprise kiss, Becky (Sarah Chalke, Scrubs) and Mark return home and in the end someone gets married. Roseanne, Dan and the rest of the Conner clan provide non-stop laughter through the trial and tribulations of the everyday life of the funniest working class family.

Guest Stars:

Michael O’Keefe, Sandra Bernhard, Mariel Hemingway, Vicki Lawrence, Florence Henderson and Fabio

      $14.98 SRP

      Sept. 18, 2012 Release Date


SHERLOCK HOLMES – TV Miniseries Collection

Two 4-part TV Mini-Series productions based on the beloved Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character.

Sherlock Holmes & The Leading Lady

Holmes (Christopher Lee) and Watston (Patrick Macnee) are summoned to recover a stolen bomb detonator device that Holmes fears will be used to kill the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, Franz Joseph. Complicating matters is the appearance of Holmes’ old flame, opera singer Irene Adler (Morgan Fairchild), whom Holmes discovers he still loves. Set against a backdrop of international havoc, Holmes and Watson face dangers unlike any they’ve faced before!

Sherlock Holmes and the Incident at Victoria Falls

Holmes must save the world’s most famous diamond, The Star of Africa. On route via Africa’s “Orient Express,” someone is killed and one of the passengers is the murderer. While attempting to solve the case, our heroes encounter ex-President Teddy Roosevelt (Claude Akins), Lily Langtry (Jenny Seagrove) and Giuseppe Marconi, all of whom become suspects! With time running out and his own life in jeopardy, how does Holmes save the day? Elementary, my dear…

      Features over 1 hour of footage not shown on U.S. TV

      $9.98 SRP

      Sept. 4, 2012 Release Date



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original Jurassic adventure in a back-to-back feature presentation!

The Lost World

Pursuing rumors of fantastic beasts deep in the African jungle, a scientific team journeys to an uncharted plateau where they suddenly find themselves in an unimaginable realm of gigantic dinosaurs! After a perilous trek rich with danger and deception, they now have to struggle to survive…The Lost World.

Return To The Lost World

Several years later…”The Lost World” is in danger of extinction. Answering a distress call from Africa, two rival scientists set out for “The Lost World” and find it threatened with destruction by sinister oil prospectors. The group now has to outwit man and nature to save themselves and the vulnerable inhabitants of …The Lost World.

      First time available together on any home video format

      Emmy-Winning Cast! 

      Eric McCormack (Will and Grace - 2001)

      David Warner (Masada – 1981)

      John Rhys-Davies (Shogun – 1980)

      Sept. 4, 2012 Release Date



Ride along with the courageous firefighters of the beautiful American Riviera, Santa Barbara. This exciting new series accomplishes what no other reality show has done: gets you into the center of the action from a unique firefighter's perspective, which is so close, you can almost feel the heat!

On Duty gives the viewer a front row seat to first responders in action. Whether rushing into a burning building, rappelling down a cliff for mountain rescue, or racing to a blaze on a screaming fire engine, these brave men and women are ready at a moments notice, day or night, to protect homes, rescue people and save lives.

      The complete 28 episode TV series!

      Shot and produced in stunning high definition

      A raw and captivating look at real firefighters facing real dramas while on duty

      Takes viewers up close and personal with the use of the “Fire Cam Mini HD” fire helmets

      Sept. 4, 2012 Release Date


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