Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo
Sept. 18, 1979 - May 5,  1981



The Misadventures Of Sheriff Lobo was a spin off from the show B.J. & The Bear. 

The crooked sheriff of Orly county Elroy P Lobo played by Claude Akins was involved in all type of crooked activity & money making schemes.  Lobo was actually a good sheriff when he had to be, sort of like Quentin McHale in McHale's Navy when the chips were down McHale was your man and that was the same with Sheriff Lobo.

Sheriff Lobo dealt with all types of situations like having a bomb strapped to him, dealing with the mob, thinking the town was being invaded by Martians, and solving a murder on a train.

Mills Watson played deputy Perkins and was a Barney Fyfe type character but made the series really enjoyable to watch.

In the second season the setting was changed from Orly County to Atlanta.


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Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Claude Akins
Mills Watson
Brian Kerwin
Nell Carter
Tara Buckman
Nicholas Coster
Leann Hunley


1.   Perkins Bombs Out
2.   Martians Are Coming 
3.   Senator Votes Absentee
4.   Cowboy Connection
5.   Day The Shark Ate Lobo
6.   Mob Comes To Orly
7.   Mystery On The Orly Express
8.   Disco Fever Comes To Orly
9.   Dean Martin & The Moonshiners
10. Panhandle Pussycats Come To Town

Caren Kaye
Christopher George
Bobby Sherman
Barbi Benton
Lara Parker
Joyce Bullifant
Raymond Burr
Dean Martin
Gloria DeHaven
Warren Berlinger


Sheriff Lobo - Keep On Bucking

Sheriff Lobo - Lobo's Revenge




Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Day The Shark Ate Lobo   9/18/79

Dean Martin & The Moonshiners   9/25/79

Panhandle Pussycats Come To Orly   10/9/79

Disco Fever Comes To Orly   10/16/79

Mob Comes To Orly   10/23/79

Buttercup Birdie & Buried Bucks   11/27/79

Boom Boom Lady   12/11/79

First To Finish Last To Show   1/8/80

Hail Hail The Gang's All Here   1/15/80

Luck Of The Irish   1/22/80

Double Take Double Take   1/29/80

Police Escort   2/5/80

Who's The Sexiest Girl In The World   2/19/80

Martians Are Coming Martians Are Coming   2/26/80

Treasure Of Nature Beach   3/5/80

Perkins Bombs Out   3/10/80

Birdie's Hot Wheels   3/11/80

Haunting Of Orly Manor    3/18/80

Mystery On The Orly Express    3/25/80

Orly's Hot Skates   5/6/80

Dirtiest Girls In Town    12/30/80

Fastest Women Around   1/20/81

Macho Man   1/20/81

Airsick - 1981    2/3/81

Coeds With Sticky Fingers   2/10/81

Sex & The Single Cop   2/17/81

Another Day Another Bomb    2/24/81

French Follies Caper   3/3/81

Bang Bang You're Dead   3/24/81

Cowboy Connection   3/31/81

What're Girls Like You Doing In A Bank Like This   4/7/81

Lobo & The Pirates   4/21/81

Roller Disco Karate Kaper   4/28/81

Keep On Buckin   5/5/81


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