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Mr. Novak
September 24, 1963 - August 31, 1965


James Franciscus played John Novak, a Los Angeles high school English teacher with a modern approach to teaching.

Stories revolved around various students and situations that happen in high school.

In one episode Mr. Novak is accused of assaulting a student, in another Mr. Novak deals with the death of his father & an episode about the senior prom.  

Dean Jagger played school principal Albert Vane  & was replaced by Burgess Meredith when Jagger became ill in real life.

This was a real classy series and James Franciscus was wonderful.

There were many top guest stars who appeared.  The show was hip enough to attract a younger audience but was also appealing to adults as well.

Photo Gallery

Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

James Franciscus
Burgess Meredith
Dean Jagger
Donald Barry
Jeanne Bal
Marion Ross
Marian Collier
Vince Howard
Kathleen Ellis
Steve Franken

1.   To Break A Camels Back
2.   Sparrow On The Wire
3.   Fare Thee Well
4.   The Risk
5.   One Monday Afternoon
6.   Silent Dissuaders
7.   Love In The Wrong Season
8.   Senior Prom
9.   Johnny Ride The Pony
10. X Is the Unknown Factor

Shelley Fabares
Herschel Bernardi
Edward Asner
Tony Dow
Denver Pyle
Robert Culp
Macdonald Carey
Martin Landau
Frankie Avalon
Edward Andrews


Mr. Novak - From The Brow Of Zeus

Mr. Novak - Tender Twigs




Episodes Known To Be In Existence

First Day First Year  9/24/63

I Don't Even Live Here  10/8/63

The Risk   10/29/63

To Break A Camel's Back   11/21/63

Pay The Two Dollars   11/26/63

Love In The Wrong Season   12/3/63

A Thousand Voices    12/17/63

Song Of Songs   1/17/64

The Exile   1/14/64

Private Life Of Douglas Morgan Jr.   1/28/64

Fear Is A Handful Of Dust  2/25/64

Day In The Year   3/24/64

Fare Thee Well   4/7/64

Moonlighting   9/22/64

With A Hammer In His Hand Lord lord   9/29/64

Vision Of Sugar Plums   10/6/64

Let's Dig A Little Grammar    11/10/64

Boy Under Glass   11//24/64

Born Of Kings & Queens  12/1/64

A As In Anxiety   12/8/64

Johnny Ride The Pony   12/15/64

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt   12/22/64

Love Among The Grownups   12/29/64

May Day May Day   3/2/65

Tender Twigs   3/16/65

There's A Penguin In My Garden   4/6/65

And Then I Wrote   4/20/65

Once A Clown   4/27/65



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