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My Little Pony
 Princess Sparkle
DVD Review

Enjoy the magic & fun of My Little Pony's newest princess. Twilight Sparkle

In her 5 adventures - “Games Ponies Play,” “Magical Mystery Cure,” “Mmmstery On The Friendship Express,” “Magic Duel, and “ Lesson Zero,” she proves once again that the real magic behind the ponies is always the friendship. 

As with all the My Little Pony episodes, lessons are learned along the way of these fun tales. Special bonuses include a sing-along and coloring sheet to continue the magic & the fun. 

Princess Twilight Sparkle will quickly win the hearts of My Little Pony fans. 

My Little Pony
Princess Sparkle

TVofYourLife.com Gives This Book A 5.5 On A 10 Scale

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