Never Too Young
September 27, 1965 - June 4, 1966

Alfie - David Watson
Barbara - Pat Connolly

Chet - Tony Dow

Frank - John Lupton
Jo-Jo - Tommy Rettig

Joy - Robin Grace

Rhoda - Patrice Wymore
Tad - Michael Blodgett

Tim - Dack Rambo

ABC's attempt to attract the teenage market was this offbeat soap entry which had guest stars like Marvin Gaye, Johnny Rivers, and the Ramsey Lewis Trio stop by occasionaly to sing at the local cafe hangout. The adolescents who starred included Chet, a race car driver who dated other girls to make his steady girl, Joy, jealous: Tad, a football player who faced a career-threatening injury; and Barbara, who upset her boyfriend Alfie by her meddlesome efforts to help him further his ambitions. Frank and Rhoda, the prime adults involved in the group, had their own unsteady relationship. 

The stories were supposed to take place in Malibu, but a Hollywood studio lot filled with sand provided what beach atmosphere there was.


Episodes Known To Be In Existence
(listed in alphabetical order -- no further episode info is currently available): 

Pilot Show (with original commercials)
Air Date: 9-27-65
Guests: The Castaways

unknown title (with original commercials)
Air Date: 10-8-65

unknown title (with original commercials)
Air Date: 10-9-65

unknown title (with original commercials)
Air Date: 4-18-66
Guest: Mel Carter

unknown title (with original commercials)
Air Date: unknown
Guest: Freddy Cannon

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