Pittsburgh Car Dealers Website Rankings
This page simply shows how popular the various Pittsburgh Car Dealers websites are.  The rankings have nothing to do with sales or customer satisfaction.  The numbers are the Alexa.com rank.

These rankings show how popular each Pittsburgh car dealers website is doing.  Any site one million or higher is not performing up to its potential.

There are only 2 car dealers that have a chance to break into the top 1million sites.

Cochran 1,158,669

Day Automotive 1,166,935

Charapp Ford 2,149,470

Bobby Rahal 2,272,070

Wright Automotive 2,356,013

Toyota Of Greensburg 2,388,671

Smail Auto Group 2,410,664

Classic Chevrolet 2,618,911

Spitzer Automotive 2,874,123

Shadyside Honda 3,726,232

Star Chevrolet 4,082,988

New Monroeville Dodge 4,138,380

Jim Shorkey Kia 4,366,653

Three Rivers VW 5,017,565

Century 3 Kia 5,039,141

Krebs Chrysler 5,465,386

North Star Chevrolet 5,527,091

Northland Ford 5,774,294

Baierl Chevrolet 5,784,226

3 Rivers Chrysler 6,409,362

Mick's Dodge 6,567,333

Hyundai Of Greensburg 6,848,023

Tom Clark Chevrolet 7,132,370

Bowser Buick 7,288,175

Ron Lewis Automotive 7.914,575

Washinton Toyota 7,978,341

Colussey Chevrolet 8,403,437

Beaver County Chrysler 8,443,680

Shultz ford 9,405,779

Sun Chevrolet 9,597,313

Budd Baer Buick 9,674,428

C Harper Chevrolet 9,800,819

Bill Gray Volvo 10,041,897

Tom Henry Chevrolet 11,441,283

A&L Motors 11,461,340

Woltz & Wind Ford 11,815,552

Century 3 Chevrolet 12,486,976

Dean Honda 12,862,880

Sturman & Larkin Ford 14,275,737

Bob Massie Toyota 15,973,829

Billco VW 15,999,726

John Sisson 16,040,525

Kenny Ross Chevrolet 23,320,149

P&W Motors 23,428,534

Washington Chevrolet 24, 281,277

Lexus Of North Hills 24,507,484

Washington Auto Mall no rank

Rohrich Cadillac no rank

Crivelli Chevrolet no rank

Moon Township Ford no rank


If you are the owner or general manager or sales manager at any of these dealerships and want information on how to improve your rankings contact Bob Benedik   bldmark@aol.com