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Pittsburgh Steelers Blog - 2013

Welcome To our Pittsburgh Steelers Blog for 2013.  
Our Prediction for this year is 4-12
The Offensive Line is worse off this year than last

2013 Preseason

After going winless in the preason the Steelers parted ways with running back Jonathan Dwyer and Linebacker Stevenson Sylvester. 

The Linebackers for the most part looked quite good including first round draft pick Jarvis Jones and the Defensive Line looked better especially Steve McLendon and Al Woods.

Offensive Line does not look good.  We need Max Starks back, Mike Adams is not ready to start and Marcus Gilbert doesn't look much better.


Week 1

Steelers lose to the Titans  16-9

In one of the worst performances in the last 50 years the Steelers were defeated by the Tennessee Titans 16-9.

The score made it look a lot closer than it was.

The running game was completely ineffective and Issac Redman had one of his worst games ever including a red zone fumble.

The Steelers lost 3 players to season ending injuries.  Gone for the year are Maurkice Pouncey, Larry Foote and LaRod Stephens Howlings.

Others injured vs Tennessee were Cortez Allen and Shawn Suissam had a hamstring injury and Will Johnson didn't play.  Heath Miller and Leveon Bell are not ready to return to action.

Week 2

Steelers lose to the Bengals  20-10

Rookie running back Giovani Bernard was the star of the game for the Bengals with 2 touchdowns.

Rookie tight end Tyler Eiffert also connected with Andy Dalton on a 60 yard pass play.

Ben Roethlisberger was very ineffective overthrowing receivers on many passes.

Turnovers continue to be problem as Ben threw an  interception and David Paulson fumbled.

Week 3

Steelers lose to the Bears  40-23

The Steelers are 0-3 on the season and things are not looking good.  There are 3 areas of the team causing a problem.  Offensive Line is the biggest problem, Fernando Velasko and Ramon Foster are doing fine, its mainly the two takes Adams & Gilbert that are the problem.  Ben Roethlisberger is not looking good at all, many of his passes are off the mark.  The Running Backs are not doing well enough.  Issac Redman is playing himself off the teams.  Felix Jones is ok and Jonathan Dwyer is consistent enough.  Leveon Bell may be back for the Minnesota Game.

Heath Miller, David Johnson and Antonio Brown had a good game.

The defense is playing well enough to win but can't overcome 5 turnovers.


Week 4

Steelers lose to the Vikings  34-27

Adrian Peterson along with Greg Jennings proved to be too much for the Steelers Defense to contain as the Steelers go 0-4 into the bye week.

Cortez Allen was terrible as was rookie Vince Williams.

Mike Adams needs to sit the bench the rest of the year, with the bye week here lets hope Coach Tomlin brings in some new linemen to try out.

Lev'eon Bell looked ok and scored two touchdowns.  He is equal to Duce Staley, Walter Abercrombie or Frenchy Fuqua.  Probably won't be a Willie Parker or Jerome Bettis.

Antonio Brown and Heath Miller look great, Big Ben looks great at times and very poor at others.  Another fumble and interception didn't help.


Week 5



Week 6

Steelers Beat The Jets  19-6

This was an impressive win for the Steelers as they had two interceptions and 3 sacks plus a 55 yard pass play for a touchdown.

Big Ben looked as he connected to Sanders on a 55 yard touchdown and hit Heath Miller on a 31 yard pass over the middle.

The running game was non existent again as Bell looked bad, Felix Jones had one good run and Dwyer ran for a first down but that was it.

Kelvin Beechum was about 15% better than Mike Adams.

The defense was good as Ryan Clark and Lawrence Timmons both had interceptions and Woodly, Worlids and Hood had sacks.  Kiesel went out of the game with an injury.  Cam Heyward played well.

Vince Williams played much better and Jarvis Jones played well too as he had a big hit on Geno Smith to cause the ball to flutter right into the arms of Lawrence Timmons.

A pretty good victory for the Steelers who must face the Ravens this Sunday.


Week 7

Steelers Beat The Ravens  19-16

Another great win for the Black & Gold as they defeat arch rival The Baltimore Ravens in the last seconds of the game.

Le'Veon Bell showed up to play and had over 100 yards rushing.  The most impressive thing how he waited for the hole to open then exploded through it.  He even ran the WildCat offense on 2 plays.

The offensive line played much better after Marcus Gilbert left the game with an injury, he was replaced by Guy Whimper who did a pretty good job in his first game with The Steelers.  David DeCastro also had a good game.

Mike Adams did see action mostly as a blocking tight end but also saw some snaps at right tackle.

Wide receivers Brown, Sanders, Cotchery and even Derek Moye had nice catches.  Heath Miller played well but fumbled once.

The defense played decent, William Gay continues to impress and coach LeBeau had a great game plan against the Ravens.  Woodley had another sack.

Shaun Suisam comes through again to win another game with a field goal with only 3 seconds to spare.

Emanuel Sanders almost went the distance on a kickoff return but stepped out of bounds.

Troy had a pretty remarkable play on an extra point attempt as hurdled the center as he tried to block the extra point.  On the play he was offside so it didn't count.

Week 8

Raiders Beat The Steelers 21-18

The Steelers looked really bad as Pryor ran for a touchdown of over 90 yards on their first possession. 

The Steelers also had a punt blocked, our punter leaves a lot to be desired.  I still can't figure out why Drew Butler was cut.  Mesko is not the greatest holder on place kicks, that could be one of the reasons Suisam missed two field goals.

The offensive line continues to be the major problem on the team.  3 players went out injured as Ramon Foster left with a concussion and Whimper & DeCastro left with leg injuries.

The defense is giving up too many big plays early in the game.  Woodley & Ike Taylor had poor games and Vince Williams should have just stayed on the sideline.  Maybe its time to get Kion Wilson back into the lineup.

Well its off to New England, who knows maybe we'll beat them.


Week 9

Patriots Destroy The Steelers 55-31

Who would have ever thought that the Steelers Defense would get this bad.

No one from the secondary had a good game.  What is wrong with Troy and Ryan Clark, I guess its age. 

This looks like the end of the line for Dick LeBeau, he just doesn't have the players to execute his Defense.

Our receivers are playing well enough to win and the running backs all played decent.

Big game for Jericho Cotchery as he had three touchdowns.

Offensive line was ok but still game up 5 sacks.

Ike Taylor, Vince Williams and Marcus Gilbert left with injuries.  Mike Adams played decent at right tackle.

Don't be surprised if Ryan Clark sits this coming week.

Week 10

 The Steelers Defeat The Bills  23-10

This was a good victory from the entire team as they were balanced on offense and on defense had turnovers and sacks.

Jericho Cotchery continues to impress as he had another touchdown in the victory against the Bills.  The running game looked good too with all 3 backs having a good game.

Even Mike Adams playing tight end escorted Lev'eon Bell into the End Zone with a terrific block.

On Defense Jarvis Jones got his first sack of the year and Cam Heyward continues to improve each week.  Ryan Clark had an interception and the defense overall played fine.

Woodley, Shamarko Thomas and Ramon Foster all left with injuries.

Week 11

 The Steelers Beat Detroit 37-27

The Steelers defeated a good Detroit Lions team 37-27.

The Steelers dominated the first quarter with 2 Antonio Brown touchdowns and then things were pretty bad in the second quarter where the Lions took the lead.

Dick LeBeau must have made some great adjustments in the second half as Detroit had no scoring in the second half.  Calvin Johnson was limited too after a big second quarter.

Ike Taylor had a bad game in the second quarter but improved in the second half.

Cameron Heyward continues to impress.

Ben Roethlisberger had his best game of the season.

Offensive line did well compared to previous games.

Week 12

 The Steelers Beat Cleveland 27-11

The Steelers looked good on both sides of the ball as they beat Cleveland 27-11.

The no huddle offense is real successful at this point and look for them to continue to use it.

Antonio Brown continues to be a real threat and Sanders & Heath Miller are having good seasons.

Bell had a decent game running the ball but Jonathan Dwyer had a bad game.

Offensive line is improving and Velasko could end up being the team Mvp.

On defense Jason Worilds is looking like a young James Harrison.  Cam Heyward is having a fine season and Jarvis Jones looks like Rookie of the Year.

William Gay had one of his best game with a QB sack/strip and a pick 6.  Ike Taylor is having a bad year, this will probably be his last.  Same thing for Ryan Clark who has also lost a step.  The defense is playing way better since Will Allen returned to the team.

Steve McLendon and Curtis Brown will most likely miss the game.  Al Woods did ok at Nose Tackle.


Week 13

 The Ravens Beat The Steelers  22-20

In a typical Baltimore-Pittsburgh game the Ravens edged the Steelers 22-20 on Thanksgiving Day. Neither team was great but Baltimore  came up with more big plays than the Steelers.

Big Ben was effective with throws to Antonio Brown, Emanuel Sanders, Heath Miller & Jericho Cotchery.  Even Le'veon Bell caught some balls.  Bell had his best game yet but still didn't hit the 100 yards rushing.

Offensive line played well not giving up a sack.

Ike Taylor again was weak giving up some big plays.  Jason Worilds continues to impress, Jarvis Jones was fair at best.

A lot of injuries happened as the Steelers Le'veon Bell sustained a concusion and Center Fernando Velasko was lost for the year with a leg injury.  Kiesel, Mike Adams, Beechum and Decastro all left with injuries.

The playoffs are looking bleak at this point.

Week 14

 The Steelers Lose to Miami 34-28

The Steelers Defense looked bad as they gave up big runs which lead to touchdowns.

The only players on Defense that are doing any good are Jason Worilds, Cameron Heyward & Lawrence Timmons.  Despite having a pick 6 Troy missed two tackles tht cost them the game.

The offense played well enough to win but poor play calling on 3rd down forced them into many punting situations.

On the last play Antonio Brown almost scored on a lateral from Big Ben but he stepped out of bounds.

Forget the playoffs for another year.  The best we can do now is 8-8.


Week 15

 The Steelers Beat the Bengals 30-20

The Steelers dominated the Bengals most of the game as they went up 21-0 early.

Antonio Brown had a punt return for a touchdown and on that play Terrence Garvin had a crushing block on the punter that sent him out of the game with a broken jaw.

Week 16

 The Steelers Edge the Packers 38-31

Another terrific win for the Black & Gold.

The Steelers had a big third quarter with 3 scores.

The Steelers blocked a field goal but the refs really blew the call when Ryan Clark recovered the ball but Ziggy Hood illegally punched the ball out of bounds.

The Steelers executed a fake punt for a long gain and Le'veon Ball finally got his 100 yard+ day running the football.

The Steelers still have a very slight chance at making the playoffs.


Week 17

 The Steelers Beat the Browns 20-7

The Steelers took care of business in their final game of the year beating Cleveland 20-7.  Le'Veon Bell looked good as well as Jericho Cotchery & Antonio Brown.

Jason Worlids was injured but Jarvis Jones had a good game.

The Steelers missed the playoffs after the Kansas City Chiefs lost to San Diego in Overtime.

The Steelers finished the second half of the season 6-2 and looked like a playoff team.