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Sunday Night Diner News 

94.5  3WS Radio  Pittsburgh Pa.


Porky Chedwick

Porky Chedwick The Daddio of the Raddio has died, he was 96 years old.

The Platter Pushin Poppa was taken to a local hospital Sunday morning complaining of pain and then he just stopped breathing.


Porky Chedwick started his career in 1948 on Whod which became Wamo in 1956.

Porky was the first white Dj to play what they called "Race Records" back in the early 50's.  

Porky attracted a white male audience of teens which have been his fans to this day.

Porky's songs were called the Dusty Discs and he was the first Oldies Dj.

During the early years Porky played some real  obscure songs like Bald Head - Roy Byrd, and drinking songs like Hey Bartender - Floyd Dixon, Drunk - Jimmy Liggins, Bloodshot Eyes - Wynonie Harris, and Last Call For Alcohol by Hot Lips Page.

Porky was also known for a few controversial records like Work With Me Annie & Annie Had A Baby along with the now banned song Baby Let Me Bang Your Box by The Bangers.

In the mid to late 50's many parents didn't allow their children to listen to Porky Chedwick because they felt he was a bad influence.

By the late 50's Porky started playing some current R&B Hits along with R&B Hits of the early to mid 50's.  Porky made local hits out of Two People In The World - Little Anthony & The Imperials, Sweet Pea's In Love by The Stereos & Road Runner by Bo Diddly just to name a few.


Porky's record hops in the 60's were mostly sellouts and by the early 70's his record hops were so popular he hired other Dj's to play music while he went from venue to venue.

When music changed in 1964 when The Beatles arrived Porky was ready for it with an updated sound of some great R&B tunes.  Songs like Whip It On Me Baby - Billy Guy, Anyway You Wanna - Harvey, Shake A Tail Feather - Five Du Tones were just a few of the songs Porky was playing.  There was no British Invasion songs played on Wamo.

Pittsburgh became divided as the South Hills & North Hills were very R&B oriented where the East Hills & West Hills were British Invasion Oriented.

Here is a copy of a 1965 Wamo Weekly Hit List

Porky Chedwick worked with Sir Walter (John Christian), Hal Brown, Anderson Little, Bill Powell & Brother Matt & Ray Coleman during the 1960's.

In the summer of 1967 music changed again as Album Rock came on the scene.  Porky Chedwick and some other local Dj's cut way back on playing R&B ande started playing Heavy Rock artists like The Fugs, Lollipop Shoppe, Blind Faith and others.  This didn't go over real well and most of the local Dj's lost their jobs.  Porky Chedwick left Wamo in 1971 and relied on his many record hops to support himself throughout the 1970's.

Porky Chedwick ended up on Kqv in late 1971 and kicked off the year end countdown on an overnight shift.  Porky did not sound comfortable at all playing The Partridge Family or The Carpenters.

Porky was back at Wamo sometime in the 1970's until 1984.  He was then asked to come back to the station in 1992.

The 3ws Sunday Night Oldies Diner featured Porky Chedwick once per month in the late 1990's along side regular host R.D. Summers.

In 1990 Porky had a large benign brain tumor, he had surgery at West Penn Hospital and many artists he helped put on a fund raiser to help him pay for this.

During the 2000's Porky continued to do some public appearances and in 2008 he & his wife moved to Florida.  Porky returned to Pittsburgh quite often and he went back on the air on Wedo.  This was a short lived as Porky was not able to get any sponsors for his show.

He then joined Terry Lee's Internet Station and that lasted until Terry Lee himself got sick and passed away.

Porky Chedwick made his final appearance at the final Roots of Rock & Roll Show at The Benedum just six days before his death.