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Quincy M.E.
 Complete Fourth Season
Dvd Review

Season 4 of Quincy M.E. starts out with Quincy finding a mysterious poison that his claiming lives, does an autopsy on a Grand Prix racing driver, Deals with an autistic child & investigates the death of a popular newswoman.

Quincy was one of the best Medical/Police dramas ever, the writing for the series was superb and every episode had a ton of guest stars to keep everything fresh.

This DVD contains all 23 episodes of Season 4of Quincy M.E..

Our favorite episodes included Physician Heal Thyself, A Small Circle Of Friends, House Of No Return & A Night To Raise The Dead.

Guest stars for this season included Dennis Patrick, Jane Dulo, Anne Francis, John Dehner, June Lockhart & many many others.

It was worth the wait for this Season of Quincy M.E..Order it today.

Quincy M.E.
 Complete Fourth Season

TVofYourLife.com Gives This DVD A 7.5 On A 10 Scale

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