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Sunday Night Oldies Diner
Request A Song


The telephone number to call while the Sunday Night Diner is on the air is 412-333-9450.

E-Mail requests are welcome.

Send those to Executive Producer Bob Benedik at TVofyourlife.com

The E-Mail to send to is   tvofyourlife@yahoo.com


The Sunday Night Diner has about 600 songs in its main format, these songs can be played every 4-5 weeks.

Once or twice per hour we will dig a little deeper and play something more rare.  These songs are known as "Extras" and are available for airplay every 12-16 weeks.

We promise to keep our music fresh on the Sunday Night Diner.

Check our Playlists page to see when your favorite song last played or to check the title or artist of a particular song that aired on the Sunday Night Diner.


Sunday Night Diner

3WS Radio - Pittsburgh Pa

7pm - 10pm    Sunday Night



R.D. Summers

In Loving Memory

1949 - 2009