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Retro Tv Network

Tv Shows Currently Airing

Retro TV Network airs in many different TV markets.  The schedule varies city to city.

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Retro Television Network


A Team
George Peppard
Mr. T
Dirk Benedict


Adam 12
Martin Milner
Kent McCord


Ernest Borgnine
Jan Michael Vincent
Barry Van Dyke


Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Alfred Hitchcock


Alias Smith & Jones
Ben Murphy
Roger Davis
Pete Duel


Bachelor Father
John Forsythe
Noreen Corcoran
Sammee Tong
Jimmy Boyd


Battlestar Galactica
Lorne Green
Richard Hatch
Dirk Benedict


Black Sheep Squadron
Robert Conrad
James Whitmore
John Larroquette
Simon Oakland


Bold Ones
Hal Holbrook
Burl Ives
E.G. Marshall
David Hartman
Joseph Campanella
James Farrentino

 Buck Rogers
Gil Gerard
Erin Gray
Tim O'Connor

Jack Webb
Harry Morgan

Randolph Mantooth
Kevin Tighe
Robert Fuller
Bobby Troup
Julie London


 Hardy Boys
Shawn Cassidy
Parker Stevenson
Pamela Sue Martin


It Takes A Thief
Robert Wagner
Malachi Thorne


Incredible Hulk
Bill Bixby
Lou Ferrigno
Jack Colvin

Raymond Burr
Don Galloway


Jack Benny Show
Jack Benny
Don Wilson 


Kate & Allie
Jane Curtain
Susan St. James


Knight Rider
David Hasslehoff
Edward Mulhare


Telly Savalis


Leave It To Beaver
Jerry Mathers
Hugh Beaumont
Barbara Billingsley
Tony Dow
Ken Osmond
Richard Deacon
Sue Randall


Magnum P.I.
Tom Selleck


Marcus Welby M.D.
Robert Young
James Brolin
Elena Verdugo


Night Gallery
Rod Serling


Jack Klugman


Rockford Files
James Garner
Noah Berry Jr.
Gretchen Corbett


Run For Your Life
Ben Gazzara


Sheriff Lobo
Claude Akins
Mills Watson


Simon & Simon
Gerald McRaney
Jameson Parker


 Star Trek
William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForrest Kelley


Suspense Theater


Wagon Train
John McIntyre
Ward Bond
Robert Fuller
Robert Horton



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