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Single Season Sitcoms
 1948 - 1979 
Book Review

Single Season Sitcoms 1948 - 1979 is one of the best Classic TV Books ever written.  It deals with short lived sitcoms from the Classic TV Era.

As a video collector from way back to the 70's these were the shows I set out to find and was lucky enough to locate some of these rare shows.

Each show has the broadcast dates of the show, number of episodes and whether that had a laugh track or not and the show sponsor.

Each show had a nice synopsis written and the shows cast were included.

This is a book any Classic TV fan will read cover to cover many times over.

There were quite a few photos in this book for TV series such as New Phil Silvers Show, Lotsa Luck, Joe & Sons, He & She, Make Room For Granddaddy and more.

To Author Bob Leszcak, we salute you for a job well done.

Single Season Sitcoms
 1948 - 1979

TVofYourLife.com Gives This Book A 8.0 On A 10 Scale

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