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Memories of Studio Wrestling
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Prelim Wrestlers

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In the early days of Studio Wrestling there were a number of prelim wrestlers that toured with the Nwa but none of them had extended stays in the Pittsburgh area.

Many prelim guys were local but the few that came and stayed in the early days were Frank Pickens, Chet Walik, Al Hayes, Al Schiller, Terry Yorkston, Beau Brummel, Bob Harmon,  Bull Johnston and a few others.

Frank Pickens rarely won a match but his tv match vs Chief White Owl was memorable.  Chief White Owl broke his leg during the match (legit) and after the Chief healed they had grudge matches all over town.  Pickens ended up in the semi-final main event, after losing to the Cheif he left the area and did not return.

Chet Walik was a low to mid level heel who had some classic matches with Johnny DeFazio.  Sadly Chet Walik was killed in 1964.

Beau Brummel & Bull Johnston upon arriving on studio Wrestling actually won their first few bouts but then became prelim guys.

Al Hayes, Al Schiller & Terry Yorkston stayed most of the run and rarely won a match.

In the late 60's wrestlers such as Ben Lima, Jim Conroy, Arnold Skoaland, Dewey Robertson, Jim Eskew,  Bill Terry, Wes Hutchins, Matt Gilmore, Guillotine Gordon, & Chuck Adcock.  Only Arnold Skaaland and Dewey Robertson would go on to successful careers.

As the 1970's hit some new faces arrive as prelim wrestlers on Studio Wrestling.  These include Jerry Dorsey, Mario Fraterolli, Tony DiPaulo, Joe Turko, Jim Dillon, Gene Dubois, Johnny Furr, Golden Boy Apollo, Chris Colt, Willie Farkas (Beast), Killer Lopez, Bobby Marshall, Lil Abner,  & Jack Vansky.


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