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Memories Of Studio Wrestling
 Studio Wrestling In Pittsburgh  - Tag Teams

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Ray Morgan Tony Altimore & Angelo Savoldi Crusher Lisowski  Chief White Owl Professor Tanaka




 Studio Wrestling

Tag Teams

The following Tag Teams appeared in Pittsburgh on Studio Wrestling a number of times


Killer Kowalski & Killer Buddy Austin

Duke Hoffman & Ron Romano

Bobo Brazil & Chief White Owl

Ace Freeman & Johnny DeFazio

Bruno Sammartino & Cowboy Bill Watts

Killer Kowalski & Gorilla Monsoon

Miller Brothers

Magnificent Maurice & Johnny Barrend

Don Mclarity & Argentina Apollo

George Steele & Baron Scicluna

Bruno Sammartino & Battman

Dom Denucci & Johnny DeFazio

The Sicilians

Prof. Tanaka & Mitsu Arakawa

Brute Bernard & Skull Murphy

The Scufflin Hillbillies

The Kentuckians

Baron Gattoni & Klondike Bill

Dom Denucci & Angelo Mosca

The Mongols

Geeto Mongol & Johnny Defazio

Cheif White Owl & Chief Big Heart

Mortier Brothers







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