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The Lieutenant
 Complete Series 
Dvd Review

The Lieutenant was a TV Series that aired in 1963 & 64 on NBC.

This series took place at Camp Pendleton near San Diego California.

The series cast included Gary Lockwood, Robert Vaughn, Richard Anderson, Chris Noel and Linda Evans.

The series had been created by Gene Roddenberry who was famous for Star Trek.

Military series were popular in the 1960's and this series was good but only lasted one season.

Our favorite episodes were To Take Up Serpents, Instant Wedding, Gone The Sun, Mother Enemy.

Guest Stars included Nita Talbot, Madlyn Rhue, John Hart, David White & Barbara Bain.

This series has 2 parts, you must buy both part 1 & 2 to get the complete series.  Order at Wbshop.com

The Lieutenant
 Complete Series 

TVofYourLife.com Gives This DVD A 7.0 On A 10 Scale


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