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TVofyourlife.com  About Us
Everything You Needed To Know About TVofyourlife.com

TVofyourlife.com is a popular Classic TV Website located in Pittsburgh Pa.

TVofyourlife.com actually started way back in the early 90's as Bob & Tim's TV Tape Trader. Our mission back then was to obtain rare TV Shows on Vhs from other TV fans around the country. We would record rare TV Shows that were airing here in exchange for other shows airing in other cities.

For years TVofyourlife.com has been known as the worlds best Classic TV Search Service and we still provide that free service today but as time marches on technology changes we have become much more.

Today TVofyourlife.com Is Your Link To Everything Television.

We provide the latest info on new DVD releases as well as provide an online store where you can get the best prices on all your DVD purchases.
Visit our store at

TVofyourlife.com has monthly DVD Giveaways where you can your favorite DVD's Here is a link to our Sweepstakes page http://www.tvofyourlife.com/sweepstakes.htm

You can now watch fulll length TV Episodes on our TVofyourlife.com Classic TV Channel. Just pick what Decade you want and see what shows are featured. Each channel has at least 50 shows.

Check out our listing of what Classic TV Shows are aring and on what station. We have listings for Me TV, Antenna TV, TV Land, Retro TV, Wgn, RFD TV & others.

Get the latest TV Lineups from all the major networks with links to videos on many of your favorite network shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and more.

Visit our new online department store...Krysties Department Store at


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