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TVofyourlife Marketing & Advertising
Affiliate Program For Media Companies

Are you the Owner, General Manager or Sales Manager of a TV or Radio Station or a local newspaper or publication?

If so TVofyourlife.com can help you generate extra billing for your company.

At TVofyourlife.com we offer a website marketing plan that does 2 things


 Increase your websites ranking on Alexa.com

Watch your clients website grow right before your eyes as their Alexa.com ranking improves each week.


Improve your search engine experience

We are experts at getting your website so the various search engines place you on the top page.


TVofyourlife.com has made it possible for media companies to make a nice income by just sending out a small number of e-mails per day.

There is no cost or obligation and no investment is required.

Sell as many or as little of our marketing plans and earn a real nice commission.

Most of our plans cost about as much as a small ad in your local newspaper.

E-mail TVofyourlife.com General Mgr. Bob Benedik at  tvofyourlife@yahoo.com

if you would like  more information.


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