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Twilight Zone
October 2, 1959 - June 19, 1964

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 Twilight Zone Tribute Page
Top 10 Episodes


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1. It's a Good Life

Billy Mumy is the little kid who wishes things into the corn field that he doesn't like. Mumy appears as Anthony Freemont and one day in Peaksville Ohio the world changed. Anthony only wanted pleasant things. Anthony doesn't like Tv, singing or laughing. At a birthday celebration someone is given a Perry Como record but he can't play it because Anthony doesn't want to hear it.  

2. A Stop At Willoughby

Willoughby, a place many of us may think about but a place we'll never find. Mr. Gart Williams, a man in his late 30's would take the train home each night. He would fall asleep on the train and while dreaming he would dream of this place Willoughby. This was a place were life was much simpler. He finally decided to get off at Willoughby one day and had the time of his life in the dream. The next day while dreaming he thought he was getting off at Willoughby, but he actually jumped off the train and killed himself. The ambulance was from Willoughby and Son funeral home.

3. Nightmare at 20,000 feet

William Shatner has a memorable performance in this Twilight Zone episode. Shatner is in an airplane and sees a creature fooling around with the plane. Every time he tries to show someone the creature disappears. Shatner then tries to get out of the plane and go after the creature. Once on the ground he is hauled away to the hospital, after examining the plane you could see it was tampered with.

4. Miniature

Robert Duval stars in this one hour Twilight Zone. Duval plays Charley Parkes another guy who wants to escape the real world. He is fascinated by a display at a local museum. The display shows miniature people going through every day life. The one beautiful lady in the display is not always treated very good by others. The Duval character falls in love with this miniature lady. One day he turns up missing, his doctor and family go to the museum but can't find him, a security guard looks down at the display and sees him now in miniature size as part of the display.

5. Long Distance Call

This episode is another that features Lost In Space star Billy Mumy. In this episode he is 6 year old named Billy who has a dying grandmother. The grandmother gives Billy a toy telephone and her voice comes across this phone after she has died. One day Billy runs out into the swimming pool and almost dies, his father goes to this toy phone to tell his dead mom to give him his son back.

6. Person Or Persons Unknown

David Gurney was an identity theft victim long before the internet was invented. One day after a party Dave & wife who were pretty blasted came home and went to bed. When Dave got up he called to his wife, she screamed and told him to get out. She said she never saw him in her life. Everywhere he went this happened to him, his buddy the bartender didn't know him and neither did his parents. Finally he went to a photography studio, he found a picture of him and his wife, he went to show it to her and he was the only one in the picture.

7. You Drive

One of our favorite all time actors, Edward Andrews appears in this Twilight Zone episode concerning a case of hit and run. Andrews plays Oliver Pope, a nervous man who only thinks about himself. On a rainy night he hits a boy on a bicycle and does not stop. The boy dies the next day and a co-worker of his is charged with the hit & run. Pope's car starts to act strange as its horn and lights come on at all times of the night. Finally Pope starts walking to work, the car follows him without anyone driving it and leads him to the police station.

8. Ring A Ding Girl

This is the story of movie actress Bunny Blake, who receives a special ring from one of her fan club members. This is a special ring as she can see the faces of people she grew up with. They all tell her to come and they need her. She arrives home on the day of the Founders Day picnic, a big deal in this local community. She asks that the picnic be postponed but they refuse. She goes on tv and tells everyone she will be doing a performance at the high school. The whole community goes to the school to see Bunny Blake, just as the performance was to start a plane crashes where the picnic was to be held, Bunny Blake was on that plane and killed. The community still couldn't figure out how she was in 2 places at one time.

9. Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up

In a remote area a spaceship crashes near an out of the way restaurant where a small busload of people have stopped. The police investigate the crash and see footprints leading to the restaurant. The Police alert the bus driver that the bridge up ahead is closed. The restaurant starts to have strange things happening such as the phone ringing and nobody on it, the jukebox starting up and the lights going on and off. The bus driver said he had six passengers but there are seven people in the restaurant. The people in the restaurant start accusing each other of being an alien. Finally the phone rings and the police pick it up saying the bridge is ok. A few minutes later one of the customers return saying the bridge wasn't safe and everyone was killed. This customer said to the clerk he was from Mars and he was the one who made everything happened, he also said there was something different about Martians, they had 3 hands, the clerk told him he was from Venus and they had something a little different with them, he had 3 eyes.

10. The Hitch Hiker

The stunning Inger Stevens stars in this episode about a girl seeing a hitch hiker all alone her route. While on vacation driving in Pennsylvania she is almost killed when her car is nearly hit by a train. As soon as she gets over the railroad tracks she spots a hitch hiker, his familiar line is "going my way". She continues to see him and she picks up a sailor who is hitch hiking, she sees this other guy and tries to run him over. Later she calls her mother but her mother can't come to the phone as she is upset over her daughter's death from being hit by a train in Pennsylvania. When she returns to the car the guy she tried to run over is in the back seat, he says "I think you're going my way".

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