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Twilight Zone
October 2, 1959 - June 19, 1964

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 Twilight Zone Tribute Page


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Welcome to our tribute page for the one of the best TV Shows ever The Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone debuted in 1959 on CBS and lasted through 1964.

Rod Serling was the brains behind the series and he hosted/narrated each episode.

During its five year run on CBS the Twilight Zone never made the Top 25 ratings for any year that it was on.

The Twilight Zone today is considered by many the best Sci-fi show ever made.

In Season One we liked the episodes A Stop At Willoughby, The After Hours & The Hitch Hiker.

In Season Two we liked Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up, The Obsolete Man & Twenty Two.

In Season Three our favorites were Person or Persons Unknown, It's A Good Life & Little Girl Lost.

There was a format change in Season Four, the episodes switched to the one hour format.  There were just a few really good episodes including Printers Devil, Miniature, and I Dream Of Genie.

Season Five was the last season, some good episodes including Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, You Drive, & Steel.

Rod Serling really knew how to select guest stars for the Twilight Zone.  Many of the stars were only starting their careers but within a few years they went on to be household names.

In the 1960's Twilight Zone went into syndication and was seen on many Uhf TV Stations at the time since these stations were not affiliated with a network.  In some markets Twilight Zone aired at 11PM to give the local news competition.

After the Twilight Zone ended Rod Serling appeared on talk shows and game shows, he even hosted a 1969 version of Liars Club.

In 1970 Rod Serling was back with Night Gallery, this show was good but nowhere near Twilight Zone. 

In 1975 tragedy struck as Rod Serling died after having heart surgery.  He was only 50 years old.

By the 1980's Twilight Zone was airing on some of the Superstations across America.

In the 90's the Sci-fi Channel picked it up and it still airs on that channel as well as ME TV.

The Twilight Zone is available on DVD and Blu Ray.  You can also order budget DVD's of Twilight Zone for under $5.

Our site provides a listing of all the episodes by season with their air dates.  You can also watch videos of the Twilight Zone from YouTube and see how TVofYourlife.com ranked the Top 10 episodes of the Twilight Zone.  

Click the link above to see how we ranked the Top 100 Guest Stars for the Twilight Zone.

To order any of the DVD's or Books just click on the box art and place your order.

You may send comments to tvofyourlife@yahoo.com.

We hope you enjoyed our tribute to the Twilight Zone.