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1965 was Bruno Sammartino's second full year as WWWF Champion.

Bruno had 4 main challengers that year which included Waldo Von Erich, Gorilla Monsoon, Dr. Bill Miller & Cowboy Bill Watts.

Tarzan Tyler, Johnny Powers, Gene Kiniski & the Golden Terror each had title shots as well.

The big news of the year was Cowboy Bill Watts turning on Bruno Sammartino during a tag match.


 Tag Teams

The year started with the Graham as Tag Team Champions.

They didn't hold the belts long as Waldo Von Erich & Gene Kiniski defeated them in February.

In April Gorilla Monsoon & Cowboy Bill Watts won the Tag Titles.

In August the Miller Brothers defeated Watts & Monsoon.


Top 10 WWWF Wrestlers of 1965

1. Bruno Sammartino

2. Bobo Brazil

3. Cowboy Bill Watts

4. Gorilla Monsoon

5. Dr. Bill Miller

6. Haystacks Calhoun

7. Waldo Von Erich

8. Wahoo McDaniel

9. Gene Kiniski

10. Argentina Apollo


WWWF Fantasy card from 1965

(All matches did take place but not in the same evening)

Arnold Skaaland vs Golden Terror

 Argentina Apollo vs Gino Brito

Mr. Kleen vs Beast

Baron Scicluna vs Chief White Owl

Miguel Perez vs Smasher Sloan

Gene Kiniski vs Pedro Morales

Tarzan Tyler vs Chief Big Heart

Dr. Jerry Graham vs Don McLarity

Haystacks Calhoun vs Gorilla Monsoon

Bruno Sammartino & Bill Watts vs Dr. Bill Miller & Waldo Von Erich


Misc 1965 WWWF

Bill Watts had a tough year, first he turned on Bruno Sammartino and didn't win the Heavyweight Title then he turned on  Gorilla Monsoon after they lost the Tag Team Titles.

Watts also wrestled double duty twice in Pittsburgh during 1965. 

Wahoo McDaniel makes his WWWF debut.






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