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1967 saw a change in that some of the older guys were gone and a few new wrestlers showed up to challenge Bruno.

Wrestlers such as Argentina Apollo, Chief White Owl, Chief Big Heart, Cowboy Bill Watts, Wahoo McDaniel, Baron Gattoni & Klondike Bill were all gone from the WWWF.

Professor Tanaka & George Steele were the new top notch heels and Dom DeNucci & Battman (Tony Marino) started to get pushes as babyfaces.

The Top Challengers for Bruno's belt in 1967 were Gorilla Monsoon, Professor Tanaka, Luke Graham,  Baron Sciluna and Bull Ortega.

Tag Teams

The year started with Spiros Arion & Antonio Pugliese as Tag Team Champs.

Pugliese gave up his half of the Tag team Title and Arion selected Arnold Skaaland.  The titles changed hands when Altimore & Albano defeated Chuck Richards sub for Arion & Skaaland.  Arion wrestled Dr. Bill Miller on the card.

Altimore & Albano lost the titles to Spiros Arion & Bruno Sammartino, Bruno gave up his half of the tag title and Arion left for Australia so the Tag Titles were vacant for about a year.


Top 10 WWWF Wrestlers of 1967

1. Bruno Sammartino

2. Spiros Arion

3. Professor Tanaka

4. Bobo Brazil

5. Gorilla Monsoon

6. Dr. Bill Miller

7. Antonio Pugliese

8. George Steele

9. Edouard Carpentier

10. Baron Scicluna


WWWF Fantasy card from 1967

(All matches did take place but not in the same evening)

Johnny DeFazio vs Smasher Sloan

 Lou Albano & Tony Altimore vs Ernie Lassiter & Armand Hussein

Dr. Bill Miller vs Antonio Pugliesse

Bulldog Brower vs The Battman

Hans Mortier vs Dom Denucci

Ray Stevens vs Miguel Perez

Spiros Arion vs Baron Scicluna

Professor Tanaka vs Ed Carpentier

Gorilla Monsoon vs Bobo Brazil

Bruno Sammartino vs Luke Graham


Misc 1967 WWWF

Bruno Sammartino traveled to Japan to face Giant Baba in a series of matches.

Ray Stevens defeated Bruno Sammartino in California but the title change was not recognized by the WWWF.

Antonio Pugliesse gave up his half of the Tag Team Championship and Spiros Arion selected Arnol Skaaland to replace him.





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