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1969 saw 2 new faces that would become big names in the 1970's, namely Ernie Ladd & Ivan Koloff.  Ernie Ladd was unstoppable in 1969.

Some well known veterans departed the WWWF in 1969 including Hans Mortier & Ed Carpentier.

The Top Challengers for Bruno's belt in 1969 were Killer Kowalski, Professor Tanaka, Waldo Von Erich, The Sheik, George Steele, Baron Scicluna & Luke Graham. 

Tag Teams

The year started with Professor Tanaka & Mitsu Arakawa as the Tag team Champions however they were not recognized in all the WWWF until June of 1969.

Tanaka & Arakawa beat some top teams such as Victor Rivera & Haystacks Calhoun, Dr. Bill Miller & Battman & Victor Rivera & Antonio Pugliese.

Tanaka & Arakawa were defeated by Victor Rivera & Tony Marino in December of 1969 but Pittsburgh did not recognize the title.  Bruno Sammartino & Battman defeated Tanaka & Arakawa to claim the titles. 


Top 10 WWWF Wrestlers of 1969

1. Bruno Sammartino

2. Ernie Ladd

3. Gorilla Monsoon

4. Killer Kowalski

5. Dom DeNucci

6. Waldo Von Erich

7. Bobo Brazil

8. Professor Tanaka

9. Victor Rivera

10. Ivan Koloff


WWWF Fantasy card from 1969

(All matches did take place but not in the same evening)

Eric The Red vs Baron Scicluna

 Lou Albano & Tony Altimore vs Battman & Antonio Pugliese

Gene Kiniski vs Dan Miller

 Bulldog Brower vs Luke Graham

 Dom Denucci vs Ivan Koloff

Bobo Brazil vs Ernie Ladd

Sheik vs Haystacks Calhoun

Gorilla Monsoon vs Spiros Arion

Killer Kowalski vs Victor Rivera

Bruno Sammartino vs Waldo Von Erich


Misc 1969 WWWF

Gorilla Monsoon turned babyface after a vicious attack by The Sheik.  Bruno Sammartino made the save & Monsoon then had a big feud with former partner Killer Kowalski.

Ivan Koloff made his WWWF debut and was quite impressive.  Tony Angelo started out as his manager.

A young Johnny Valiant going by the name of John L Sullivan picks up wins against Bull Ortega, Johnny Rodz & Angel Savoldi.





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