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1975 saw Bruno Sammartino as the WWWF Champion, this was Bruno's second full year as champion on his second run.

The main challengers for Bruno's belt were Spiros Arion, Waldo Von Erich, George Steele & Cowboy Bobby Duncum

Former champion Ivan Koloff & Supestar Billy Graham also challenged Bruno in 1975 but could take the belt.


Tag Teams

The year started with The Valiant Brothers as WWWF Tag Team Champs.

Victor Rivera & Dom Denucci beat The Valiants in a 2/3 fall match. This was one of the most exciting bouts of the year.

In August of 1975 Victor Rivera gave up his half of the tag title, Dom DeNucci picked Pat Barrett as his new partner.

Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Lanza defeated Denucci & Barrett in the fall of 1975.

In November Tony Parisi & Louis Cerdan defeated the Blackjacks to win the titles.


Top 10 WWWF Wrestlers of 1975

1. Bruno Sammartino

2. Spiros Arion

3. Ivan Putski

4. Victor Rivera

5. Andre The Giant

6. Cowboy Bob Duncum

7. Blackjack Mulligan

8. Chief Jay Strongbow

9. Waldo Von Erich

10. George Steele


WWWF Fantasy card from 1975

(All matches did take place but not in the same evening)

Butcher Vachon vs Tony Altimore

Pat Barrett vs Davey O'Hannon

Bugsy McGraw vs Dean Ho

Dom DeNucci vs Blackjack Mulligan

Haystacks Calhoun vs Waldo Von Erich

Gorilla Monsoon & Larry Zbyszko vs Killer Kowalski & Cowboy Bob Duncum

Victor Rivera vs Greg Valentine

Spiros Arion vs Chief Jay Strongbow

Ivan Putski vs Ivan Koloff

Bruno Sammartino vs Ernie Ladd


Misc 1975 WWWF

Some of the big news for 1975 was the heel turn of Spiros Arion. In a match against Killer Kowalski Chief Jay Strongbow interfered on behalf of Arion. After Arion gets dis-qualified he turns on Strongbow and feuds with Strongbow & Sammartino.

Victor Rivera left the WWWF to compete in the IWA.






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