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1978 saw Superstar Billy Graham start the year as the WWWF Champion,

The main challengers for Superstar Billy Graham were Bruno Sammartino, Peter Maivia, Dusty Rhodes & Mil Mascaras.

Bob Backlund defeated Superstar Billy Graham in February of 1978, this was a controversial victory as Graham had his foot on the rope.

Bob Backlund had lots of challengers which included Spiros Arion, Luke Graham, Ivan Koloff, George Steele as well as Superstar Billy Graham trying to win the title back.

Tag Teams

The year started with Professor Tanaka & Mr. Fuji as WWWF Tag Team Champs.

In March Dom DeNucci & Dino Bravo defeated Tanaka & Fuji to win the Tag Titles.

In June the Yukon Lumberjacks beat DeNucci & Bravo to win the titles.

The Yukon Lumberjacks faced Cheif Jay Strongbow & Peter Maivia a number of times when Peter Maivia was turning heel.

In November Larry Zbyszko & Tony Garea beat the Yukon Lumberjacks, after the bout manager Lou Albano fired the Yukon Lumberjacks.

Top 10 WWWF Wrestlers of 1978

1. Bob Backlund

2. Superstar Billy Graham

3. Bruno Sammartino

4. Ivan Koloff

5. Spiros Arion

6. Mil Mascaras

7. Dusty Rhodes

8. Ken Patera

9. Ivan Putski

10. George Steele

WWWF Fantasy card from 1978

(All matches did take place but not in the same evening)

Tony Garea vs Ivan Koloff

Victor Rivera vs Nicolai Volkoff

Dom DeNucci & Dino Bravo vs Luke Graham & Strong Kobiyashi

Andre The Giant vs Waldo Von Erich

Gorilla Monsoon vs Crusher Blackwell

Ivan Putski vs George Steele

Spiros Arion vs Larry Zbyszko

Dusty Rhodes vs Cowboy Bob Duncum

Ken Patera vs Mil Mascaras

Bob Backlund vs Superstar Billy Graham

Misc 1978 WWWF

The big news of the year was Peter Maivia turning on Bob Backlund & Jay Strongbow during tag matches.

On a TV match Bob Backlund & Peter Maivia took on Spiros Arion & Victor Rivera. Maivia first turned on Arnold Skaaland and then on Backlund. Backlund had a great interview after the match.

Arnold Skaaland won the manager of the year trophy only to have Lou Albano hit him over the head with it.

Bruno Sammartino starts as color commentator on All Star Wrestling.






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