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WWWF Top Managers  1963 - 1969

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Bobby Davis

Manager of Nature Boy Buddy Rogers the first WWWF Champ along with The Beast & Prince Ieuka


Wild Red Berry

Manager of  Gorilla Monsoon & Bull Ramos, a former wrestler Wild Red Berry would get in the ring during the mid 60's on occasion.


Rudy Miller

Business Manager of Bruno Sammartino, on occasion would accompany Bruno to the ring in Pittsburgh.  Worked in the Pittsburgh office until his death in the 80's.


Tony Angelo

Manager of Ivan Koloff in the late 60's, sold contract to Lou Albano around 1969 or 70.  Would get in the ring on occasion in tag matches.


Lou Albano

One of the WWWF's best managers especially when it came to tag teams.  Albano started managing around 1970 teams like the Mongols, Tyler & Graham and later the Blackjacks & Samoans. Albano would interfere a lot in matches and would then end up wrestling some throughout the 1970's.


Grand Wizard

Nobody was better on the mic than the Grand Wizard of Wrestling.  Manager of Stan Stasiak, Superstar Billy Graham, Greg Valentine & Crusher Blackwell.  Would rarely interfere in matches physically.


Arnold Skaaland

Manager of Bruno Sammartino & Bob Backlund, wrestled on occasion in the 1970's.  Won the manager of the year trophy in 1978.


Fred Blassie

After his retirement from wrestling in 1974 Fred Blassie managed mostly the foreign wrestlers such as Nicolai Volkoff, Tanaka & Fuji.  Blassie would get physically involved in many matches but took very few bumps as a manager.  Blassie, Grand Wizard & Albano were all terrific on the mic.






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