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WWWF Time Capsule
February 1973

It was January 1973, Pedro Morales was the WWWF Heavyweight Champion.

Tag Team Champs were Professor Tanaka & Mr. Fuji.

Pedro Morales took on Buddy Wolfe, Hans Schmidt in Miami Beach, Moondog Mayne, & King Curtis

Tag team Champs Fuji & Tanaka took on Sonny King & Jay Strongbow, Gorilla Monsoon & Tony Garea & Sonny King & El Olympico.  The Champs also appeared in 2 six man tag matches.

In Pittsburgh Pa things were a little strange as there were 3 wrestling shows this month on February 2,  February 11 &February 23.

Bruno Sammartino headlined all 3 shows taking on Professor Tanaka twice and Stan Stasiak on the February 11th card.

Appearing on the Pittsburgh shows were Waldo Von Erich, George Steele, Killer Kowalski, Tony Parisi, Dom DeNucci, & Blackjack Mulligan and Lanza.

Wrestlers that also appeared in the WWWF in february 1973 included Manny Soto, Arnold Skaaland, Edouard Carpentier, Jack Brisco, Mike Graham, Victor rivera and others.


The top matches from February 1973 included

George Steele & Killer Kowalski vs Tony Parisi & Gino Brito  Pittsburgh  Feb. 2

Chief Jay Strongbow vs Buddy Wolfe    Pittsville Ma.   Feb. 3

King Curtis vs Sonny King   Philadelphia    Feb. 10

Johnny Defazio & Geeto Mongol vs Fabulous Kangaroos      Pittsburgh     Feb. 11

Waldo Von Erich vs Baron Scicluna   Pittsburgh  Feb. 23

Jack Brisco vs Bobby Shane   Boston   Feb. 26

Victor Rivera vs Dory Funk Sr.  MSG  Feb. 26

Verne Gagne vs Eddie Graham    MSG  Feb. 26