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WWWF Time Capsule
March 1972

It was March 1972, Pedro Morales was the WWWF Heavyweight Champion.

Pedro Morales defended the title against Professor Tanaka twice in March of 1972.  The first match on March 10th in Philadelphia went to a draw.  Morales defeated Tanaka in a return match on March 25th. 

Morales & Victor Rivera took on WWWF Tag Team Champions King Curtis & Baron Scicluna twice but could not win the titles.

Pedro Morales scored wins over Baron Scicluna on March 13th in Madison Square Garden.  Other victories were over Rugged Russian # 2 & Smasher Sloan.

WWWF Tag Team Champions King Curtis & Baron Scicluna defended the titles against  Chief Jay Stronbow & Sonny King, Chief Jay Strongbow and Gorilla Monsoon,  & Chief Jay Strongtbow & Rene Goulet.

Former Champion Bruno Sammartino stayed close to home as he faced Stan Stasiak & Ernie Ladd at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena.

Sammartino also had wins over Waldo Von Erich in Altoona Pa on March 17th & beat Smasher Sloan in MSG on march 13th and again in the Boston Garden on March 25th.

Victor Rivera had a good month with wins over Rugged Russian Ivan, Rene Goulet, & Nikita Mulkovich.

There were a number of cards during March of 1972 in which there were 4 or 5 womens matches scheduled.

These shows were in the following cities.

Waterville  March 16

Lewistown  March 20

Augusta  March 22

Bangor  March 23

Salisbury  March 22

Hagerstown  March 28

In Pittsburgh Pa. Johnny DeFazio and Geeto Mongol held the local tag team titles.  Goulet & Gotch were never recognized in Pittsburgh.

DeFazio & Geeto Mongol defeated Luke Graham & Jim Grabmire, Yoshino Sato & Tony Altimore & Bobby Heenan & Johnny Fargo.

Besides Smasher Sloan, Akim Mnuka made a couple of appearances as well as Pampero Firpo.

The top matches from March 1972 included

Bobo Brazil vs Hans Schmidt  March  1  Buffalo

Tony Marino vs Waldo Von Erich  March 3  Pittsburgh

Gorilla Monsoon vs Ernie Ladd  March 6  Washington

Jimmy Valiant vs Rugged Russian Igor  March 10  Philadelphia

Chief Jay Strongbow vs Professor Tanaka  March 18  Danvers

Mighty Igor vs Abdullah The Butcher  March 22  Buffalo

George Steele & Luke Graham vs Dom Denucci & Angelo Mosca  March 24  Pittsburgh

Smasher Sloan vs Sonny King  March 25   Philadelphia