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History Of The WWWF


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WWWF Top Wrestlers
1963 - 1979
This list is based on number of years competing in WWWF, Championships held, Win-loss record and level of competition.  Wrestlers who competed in any WWWF city are included.





Bruno Sammartino

WWWF Champion on 2 different occasions, Bruno defeated Buddy Rogers in 1963 and then defeated Stan Stasiak in 1973 to win the WWWF Heavyweight title.

Competed all 16 years in the WWWF. Known as Pro Wrestling's Living Legend.



Gorilla Monsoon

In the 1960's one of the most feared heels, co-holder of the Tag Team Championship in the 60's. Turned babyface in 1969 and was a fan favorite the rest of his career.

Competed all 16 years in the WWWF. Monsoon died in 1997.



 Killer Kowalski

One of the most feared wrestlers of all time, Kowalski had a stomach claw hold that very few wrestlers escaped from. Competed in the WWWF from 1963 - 1977 and held the Tag Team Title twice, Once as an Executioner wearing a mask in the 70's. Killer Kowalski died in 2008.



Dom DeNucci

In the late 1960's DeNucci was used as the number 2 babyface in the Pittsburgh area and teamed with Bruno Sammartino on many occasions. Held the WWWF Tag Team title on 2 different occasions. Was also recognized as the North American Champion in the early 70's. DeNucci competed in the WWWF from the mid 60's to the late 70's.



Pedro Morales

A former WWWF Heavyweight Champion in the 70's, Morales started in 1963 and competed in the WWWF until 1975 and returned briefly in the late 70's.



Baron Scicluna

One of the best conditioned athletes to ever enter a WWWF ring, Baron Scicluna competed from the mid 60's to the late 70's and held the Tag Team Title on 2 different occasions. From 1975 on Scicluna dropped down to prelim status but was still a big draw. Baron Scicluna died of Liver Cancer in March of 2010.



Ivan Koloff

Former WWWF Heavyweight Champion and one of the toughest wrestlers in the WWWF. Koloff competed from the late 60's to the late 70's and was a top contender all the years he competed.



 Haystacks Calhoun

All 601 pounds of the Country Boy, Haystacks Calhoun was a big star in the 60's and held the tag title in the 70's. By 1977 he really slowed down and worked mostly tag matches and prelim matches. Calhoun was always a big draw on WWWF cards as he competed from 1963 - 1978. Haystacks Calhoun died in 1989.



George Steele

Known as The Animal, George Steele was one of the most exciting heels to watch in the WWWF. No matter who he took on it was great action and you could be assured a foreign object was being used. Steele competed in the WWWF from 1967 - 1979.



Waldo Von Erich

Another real tough guy who competed in the WWWF from 1963 - 1977. Waldo Von Erich was always a contender for the title. Held the Tag Team Title in the 60's. Waldo Von Erich died in 2009


Professor Tanaka

One of the best Oriental wrestlers of the 60's & 70's. Was 3 time co-holder of the Tag Team Championship and feuded with Bruno Sammartino & Pedro Morales. Professor Tanaka died in 2000.



Bobo Brazil

Famous for his Co-co Butt move, Bobo Brazil competed all 16 years in the WWWF. Always a fan favorite in the WWWF Brazil held the North American title in the late 60's. Bobo Brazil died in 1998.



Crazy Luke Graham

One of the famous Graham Brothers, when Eddie Graham started to turn babyface Crazy Luke Graham and Dr. Jerry Graham remained heels and won the tag title in the 60's. Crazy Luke and Tarzan Tyler held the Tag Title in the early 70's. Crazy Luke competed for most of the 16 years of the WWWF. Luke Graham died in 2006.



Ernie Ladd

Known as The Big Cat, Ernie Ladd was a football player in the 60's and became a full time wrestler in 1966 after his retirement from football. Ladd wrestled mostly as a heel in the WWWF and competed on and off from the mid 60's to the late 70's. Ernie Ladd died in 2007.



Johnny DeFazio

Worked mainly in Pittsburgh, DeFazio was the WWWF Junior Champion on and off between 1966 and 1972. DeFazio along with Geeto Mongol held a form of the WWWF Tag Titles in 1971-72. DeFazio competed all 16 years of the WWWF. By 1977 his status was dropped to prelim.

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Victor Rivera

One of the most exciting high flyers of the WWWF during the 60's & 70's. Rivera competed from 1965 to 1975 and then returned as a heel in 1978. Rivera held the Tag Team Title twice during his run in the WWWF. In 1975 he gave up the Tag Title and moved to the IWA.  



Dr. Bill Miller

A real no nonsense brawler and wrestler during the 60's, Miller had some great bouts with Sammartino, Watts, White Owl & Monsoon. Held the WWWF Tag Title with his brother Dan in the 60's. Turned babyface in 1968 and continued to wrestle mainly in Pittsburgh during the 70's until he retired in 1976. Dr. Bill Miller died in 1997.



Spiros Arion

Competed in the WWWF in the late 60's and early 70's as a babyface. Held the Tag Title in the late 60's. In 1974 turned on Chief Jay Strongbow and feuded with Strongbow and Sammartino during the 70's.



Lou Albano

Long before he was a manager Lou Albano was a pretty good wrestler and held the Tag Team Title in the late 60's. Started managing wrestlers in 1970, Albano would interfere a lot in matches and then during the 70's would wrestle grudge matches against a number of wrestlers. Albano was active from the mid 60's to 1979 in the WWWF. Lou Albano died in 2009.



Edouard Carpentier

A big international star in the 60's Carpentier wrestled for a few years in the early part of the WWWF and returned in the late 60's for a stint and wrestled now and then in the 70's. He was Superstar Billy Graham's final challenger before Graham lost his title. Carpentier died in 2010.





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