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History Of The WWWF
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The Sheik
One of the most sadistic wrestlers in the WWWF.  The Sheik competed twice, once during the 60's and then again during Bruno's title run in the 70's.  The Sheik was known for throwing fireballs in the ring  On TV a big X was put on the screen after The Sheik threw his fire.  The Sheik died in 2003.

Chief Jay Strongbow
The WWWF had Indian wrestlers in the 60's but none of them had the staying power and popularity of Chief Jay Strongbow.  Strongbow started in 1970 and became an instant hit with the fans.  He held the WWWF Tag Titles twice during the 70's.  Had his leg broken by Greg Valentine in 1979 which was one of the most exciting matches of the year.
Chief Jay Strongbow died in 2012

 Stan Stasiak
A former WWWF Heavyweight Champion, Stasiak only held the title for a number of days in 1973 but he was a force from 1972 to 1978.  Stasiak was known for his Heart Punch which few wrestlers got up from in the early and mid 70's, by the late 70's many top wrestlers had a counter move for it and Stasiak's status went to mid card at best.  Stan Stasiak died in 1997.

Nicolai Volkoff
Started his career as Beppo Mongol and was one of the best tag team wrestlers of the the early 70's.  Changed his name to Nicolai Volkoff in 1974 and under the direction of Fred Blassie worked many main events between 1974-79.

Tony Garea
Held the WWWF Tag Team Titles 3 different times with 3 different partners during the 1970's.  Garea competed in the WWWF from 1971 - 1979.

Tony Parisi
Started his career in the WWWF as Antonio Pugliese, Bruno  Sammartino's Cousin.  Held the Tag Team Titles twice in his career, first in the late 60's and again in the late 70's.  Worked the Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo areas a lot in the early 70's.  Tony Parisi died in 2000.


Tony Marino
Competed in the WWWF from 1963 - 1974.  Gained popularity in Pittsburgh wrestling as The Battman.  He was Bruno Sammartino's Number 2 babyface in 1966 & 67.  Held the WWWF Tag Title in the late 60's.  Wrestled mid card status into the early 70's.


 Mr. Fuji
Another rough & tough martial arts wrestler from Japan, held the Tag Team Title twice during the 1970's

Larry Zbyszko
Trained by Bruno Sammartino in the early 70's Zbyszko worked 2 years around Pittsburgh and then became the WWWF Rookie of the Year for 1974.  Competed in  the WWWF from 1971 - 1979.  Held the Tag Team Title in the late 70's.

Superstar Billy Graham
A former WWWF Heavyweight Champion, Superstar Billy Graham was one of the most popular champions even wrestling as a heel.  Graham competed for 5 years between 1975-1979 and defeated Bruno Sammartino in 1977 to win the title.  Graham took on all challengers and worked some tag matches with Ivan Koloff as well.

Bob Backlund
A former WWWF Champion, Bob Backlund was the most scientific of all the champions.  Despite being a babyface Backlund was not always cheered.  Backlund only competed for a couple of years in the WWWF debuting in 1977 and defeating George Steele on TV you knew something big was going to happen and it did.  Backlund defeated Superstar Billy Graham for the title in 1978 and had feuds with Peter Maivia, Greg Valentine, Spiros Arion and others.

Tony Altimore
Competed in the WWWF for almost 16 years, Altimore was a solid mid card wrestler in the 60's and held the WWWF Tag Titles in the late 60's.  By the 70's Altimore was getting up in age but he competed each year of the 70's mainly in a prelim status.  Tony Altimore died in 2003.

Andre The Giant
Competed in the WWWF off an on between 1973 - 1979.  Used always as a special attraction Andre the Giant never got any title shots in the 70's in the WWWF.  Andre mainly took on other big wrestlers like Ernie Ladd, Don Leo Jonathan, Blackjack Mulligan and Hulk Hogan.
Andre The Giant died in 1993.


Johnny Valiant
Started his career as John L Sullivan and was a low to mid card babyface from 1966 - 1973.  Turned heel in Pittsburgh and then went to Detroit and became Johnny Valiant.  He held the WWWF Tag Titles twice during the 70's, first with Jimmy Valiant and then later with Jerry Valiant.


Blackjack Mulligan
Was a major force in the WWWF in the early 70's.  Earned title matches against Bruno Sammartino & Pedro Morales.  Held the WWWF Tag Team Title in the mid 70's.  Competed for about 6 years in the WWWF.


Arnold Skaaland
Mainly a low to mid card wrestler in the 60's and 70's, Skaaland competed just about all 16 years as a wrestler.  Held the Tag Team Title in the late 60's.  Became manager of Bruno Sammartino in the late 60's & stayed with Sammartino & Bob Backlund throughout  the WWWF years.  Won manager of the year in 1978.  Arnold Skaaland died in 2007.


Gino Brito
In the 60's was a mid card babyface and sometimes wrestled under the name Louis Cerdan.  For a short time in the 70's Cerdan was a heel.  In the mid 70's held the Tag Team Title with Tony Parisi.


Johnny Valentine
Big star of the 1960's Johnny Valentine switched from heel to babyface quite often.  Feuded with Bruno Sammartino & Johnny DeFazio in the 60's.  Returned to the WWWF for a short stint in 1972.  Valentine's career was ended when he was in a plane crash in 1975.  Johnny Valentine was the father of WWWF star Greg Valentine.  Johnny Valentine died in 2001.


Fred Blassie
A superb heel wrestler in the 60's & early 70's, Blassie challenged both Bruno Sammartino & Pedro Morales.  Blassie retired from wrestling in 1974 and became one of wrestling finest managers.  Fred Blassie died in 2003.


Hans Mortier
Nobody could get out of this guy's full nelson hold.  Mortier was a big star in the WWWF from 1963 - 1965 and again a stint in the late 60's.  Mortier had a great body and could roll the muscles in his stomach like they were waves in the ocean.  Hans Mortier died in 2010.






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