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Geeto Mongol
Started his career in the WWWF as Tony Newberry.  Became Geeto Mongol in 1969 and formed one of the best tag teams in the history of the WWWF.  Held the WWWF Tag Team title with partner Beppo Mongol.  Turned babyface in 1971 after a match with Bruno Sammartino.  Teamed with Pittsburgh wrestler Johnny DeFazio and won a form of the WWWF Tag Title in 1972.


Tarzan Tyler
Was a mid level heel wrestler in the WWWF during the 1960's.  Held the Tag Title with Crazy Luke Graham in 1971.  Tarzan Tyler died in an auto crash in 1985.

 Johnny Rodz
One of the best prelim wrestlers of all time.  Rodz competed in the WWWF almost all 16 years and no matter who he wrestled the match was exciting to watch.


Greg Valentine
Started his career as one of the Fargo Brothers in the early 70's.  Made his WWWF debut in Madison Square Garden 1975.  Greg Valentine is the son of Johnny Valentine but early in his career that said they were brothers.  The highlight of Valentine's career was his breaking the leg of Chief Jay Strongbow in 1979.


Ivan Putski
The Polish strongman made his debut in 1974 & became an instant fan favorite.  Had some great bouts with Ivan Koloff, Superstar Billy Graham, George Steele & Peter Maivia.

Pete Sanchez
Mainly a prelim babyface Pete Sanchez competed on and off for the full 16 years of the WWWF.  Sanchez got a nice push in the early 70's and then again in the mid 70's teaming with Manuel Soto.


Cowboy Bill Watts
Competed in the WWWF from 1963 - 1966.  Gained popularity in WWWF as being the No. 2  babyface behind Bruno Sammartino.  Turned on Bruno Sammartino during a tag match and some memorable bouts against Bruno Sammartino.  Held the WWWF Tag Team title in the 60's.


 Bulldog Brower
Known as the One Man Riot Squad Bulldog Brower was an upper level heel during the 60's & 70's in the WWWF.  He challenged Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales and Bob Backlund.  Bulldog Brower died in 1997.


King Curtis Ieukea
Started his career as Prince Ieukea and was managed by Bobby Davis in 1966-67 era.  Returned to the WWWF in the early 70's and teamed with Baron Scicluna to win the Tag Team Titles.  Had quite a few matches with  Champion Pedro Morales in the 70's.  King Curtis died in 2010.

Hangman Jim Grabmire
Prelim level heel who worked mainly the Pittsburgh area but was a seasoned veteran who could give you a good match against anyone.  Competed almost all 16 years in the WWWF.  Grabmire was  known to use foreign objects a lot including the tag rope, that's how he became "Hangman" Jim Grabmire.  Jim Grabmire died in 1997.


Mil Mascaras
The man of a 1000 masks spend just a short time in the WWWF during the 1970's on 2 occasions.  In the late 70's Mascaras had some memorable matches with Superstar Billy Graham for the WWWF title.


Johnny Barrend
Competed in the WWWF during the early years and was tag partner of Magnificent Maurice & Buddy Rogers.  Barrend was a solid scientific but rough wrestler who was mainly a heel but was often cheered.   Johnny Barrend died in 2011.

Buddy Rogers
Nature Boy Buddy Rogers was the first WWWF Champion.  He only competed for one year in the WWWF in 1963.  Rogers was not in the best of health and went into semi-retirement after his title run was ended by Bruno Sammartino.  Buddy Rogers died in 1991.


Don Leo Jonathan
Competed in the WWWF in the early to mid 70's and faced Pedro Morales and Bruno Sammartino for title shots.  Jonathan being a very tall wrestler had a number of bouts with a young Andre The Giant.


Ken Patera
One of the strongest wrestlers in the world Ken Patera competed in the WWWF from the mid to late 1970's.  Patera had some classic bouts with Bruno Sammartino & Bob Backlund.  Patera is also remembered for breaking the neck of Billy White Wolf.


Manuel Soto
Mainly a low to mid card wrestler in the 60's and 70's,  Soto got a push in the mid 70's forming a tag team with Pete Sanchez.


Argentina Apollo
One of the early high flyers of the WWWF during the 1963-67 time period.  Was co-holder of the Tag Team Titles with Don McClarity.  Argentina Apollo died in 1984.


Paul Vachon
Known as Butcher Vachon, he was a mid level heel during the 1970's.  Competed from the early 70's to the late 70's.  By 1978 he was dropped to prelim level.


Jimmy Valiant
Started in the WWWF as a babyface around 1972, Jimmy Valiant gained most of his success as a tag team wrestler and held the Tag Team Title in the mid-1970's.  Made a brief return in 1978-79.


Blackjack Lanza
Mid level heel from the 70's who was a co-holder of the Tag Team Titles in 1976.






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