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Cowboy Bob Duncum
Competed in the WWWF during the mid to late 70's and challenged Bruno Sammartino & Bob Backlund for the title.

Cowboy Bob Ellis
Competed in the WWWF during the 60's and early 70's.  Didn't stay long enough to get  any title shots.


 Masked Destroyer
One of the best masked wrestlers of the 60's.  Not positive but this may have been Killer Joe Christie. Had long feud with Chief White Owl in 1964-65.

Virgil The Kentucky Butcher
Top notch heel wrestler who competed in the WWWF in 1968 & 69 and challenged Bruno Sammartino for the title.

Dusty Rhodes
Big Nwa star who came to the WWWF to challenge Superstar Billy Graham in 1977.

Miguel Perez
A popular babyface wrestler from 1963-1967, was better in tag teams than in individual competition.  Was a big star in the 1950's.  Miguel Perez died in 2005.

Baron Gattoni
Veteran heel who competed in the WWWF from 1963-1966.  Formed a pretty good tag team with Klondike Bill.  Baron Gattoni died in 1982.

 Ace Freeman
Mid level babyface wrestler who worked mainly Pittsburgh area from 1963-1969.  Took over as the booker for the Pittsburgh office from 1969-74.  Ace Freeman died in 2001.

Klondike Bill
Mid level heel who worked in the WWWF in the mid 1960's.  Formed a successful tag team with Baron Gattoni.  Klondike Bill died in 2000.

Bruiser Brody
Had a short stint in the WWWF in the mid to late 70's, challenged Bruno Sammartino for the title.
Bruiser Brody died in 1988.

Crusher Lisouski
The famous Crusher worked mostly in the Pittsburgh area in the 60's and challenged Bruno Sammartino many times.  Crusher Lisouski died in 2005.

Joe LeDuc
Competed in the WWWF during the early 70's as a Canadian Lumberjack.  Had a title shot against Bruno Sammartino and then was gone the following year.  Joe LeDuc died in 1999.

Mario Milano
Mid level babyface from the early 70's.  Only competed for a year or two.

Duke Hoffman
Rough and tough heel wrestler from 1963-65 in the WWWF.  formed a tag team with the Masked Destroyer and Pittsburgh wrestler Ron Romano.  Duke Hoffman also wrestled under the name Bob Leipler.  Duke Hoffman died in 2002.

Canadian Wolfman
Mid to low level heel who wrestled in the early 70's and again in the 1974-75 era, was managed by Fred Blassie in 1975.  He also wrestled under the name Willie Farkas.

Buddy Austin
Here was a guy who switched from heel to babyface every other week in the early 60's.  Buddy Austin did hold the Tag Team Title in the early days of the WWWF.  Buddy Austin died in 1981.

Eric the Red
Heavy set wrestler who competed in 1970-71 in the WWWF.  He was a mid level heel.
Eric The Red died in 1978.

Chief Big Heart
Indian wrestler who was a mid level babyface in 1964-66.  He teamed some of the time with Chief White Owl.  Chief Big Heart died in 1994.

Baron Von Raschke
Rough and tough German wrestler who had a finishing hold with the Brain Claw. Von Raschke competed in the WWWF in 1977 & 78 and challenged Bruno Sammartino for the title.

Ernie Lassiter
Mid level babyface who competed off and on between 1966 & 1976.  He had a good win-loss record, he just didn't wrestle that many matches.


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